Hummus Veggies Pita Pockets


Pita Bread is a soft whole wheat bread originally from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries, as a whole wheat product it is considered healthy. Hummus on other hand is an Egyptian food dipping made from chickpeas. The combination of pita- hummus is not only common in middle eatern & mediterranean counties now but across globe now. It is quite a hot favourite with different stuffings and variations.

This is a recipe made with toasted whole wheat pita (you can also use regular pita if whole wheat is not available) with a hummus & butter layer and stuffed with fresh vegetables and feta cheese, it’s awesome.

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time                 Total Time                   Yields

15 mins                    10 mins                     25 mins                        1-2 Serving


Whole wheat Pita – 2 (sliced in half)

Chickpeas – ¼ cup (boiled & roughly mashed)

Hummus – ¼ cup

Carrots – ¼ cup julienned thinly

Baby Spinach – ¼ cup

Purple cabbage – ¼ cup chiffonade

Cucumber – ½ slice thinly

Grilled chicken breast slices (optional)

Feta Cheese – 2 tablespoon

Tomato – 1 slice thinly

Salted Butter – 2 tablespoon


  • Slightly toast the pita pockets.
  • Spread butter on one side and hummus on the other side of the inside portion of pita pockets. You can add extra layer of tzaziki sauce too on any of the sides if you want.
  • Now layer with all veggies & grilled chicken slices one by one finally layer with crumbled feta cheese.

Note: enjoy your pita now, very filling and delicious, serve with your choice of dipping or Tzazki sauce, Oh Yum!!

Happy Cooking!!

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