North Indian

Chana Masala


Chana masala or Chole masala is one of the main & authentic dishes from Punjab in North India. It is made with chickpeas (safed chana) dish made with onion, tomato gravy mixed with spices.  It can be made dry or semi dry or with curry. Chole chawal and chole bhature are very very popular all over India. Toady I am sharing the curry version with all.

Its made with boiled chickpeas in a tomato, onion, ginger & garlic gravy blended together, read the process below. Try out this Rasedar Chole masala or Chana masala recipe.

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time                 Total Time                   Yields

25 mins                    30 mins                     45 mins                     1-2 Serving


For soaking:

  1. Chickpea -1 cup (250 grams)
  2. Water -7 cups (200 ml each cup)

For gravy:

  1. Onions finely cut into cubes -2 medium size
  2. Ginger grated fine -1/2 inch piece
  3. Green chili cut into 4 pieces -1
  4. Cumin seeds -1/2 teaspoon
  5. Chili powder -1/2 teaspoon
  6. Coriander powder -2 teaspoon
  7. Garam masala -3/4 teaspoon
  8. Mango powder(amchoor) -1 teaspoon
  9. Pomegranate seeds powder -1/2 teaspoon
  • .Salt -1& ½ teaspoon (to taste)
  • Oil -2 table spoons
  • Tea – ½ teaspoon
  • Water for making tea – ½ cup

To garnish:

  1. Raw potato – 1 cubed and fried
  2. Green coriander leaves -1 teaspoon finely cut


  1. Wash & soak chickpea in water overnight or a minimum of 8 hours.
  2. After soaking drain the water. Wash them again.
  3. Boil ½ cup water with ½ teaspoon of tea leaves. When the color of tea turns dark, strain the tea. Keep this tea water aside for later boiling the chickpea.
  4. Boil the chickpea with 6 ½ cups water,tea water, salt and soda bi carbonate. Turn the heat to low after the first whistle and cook further for 30 more minutes.
  5. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. once they start to get aromatic and start crackling then add onions and sauté for few seconds. Now add ginger and green chili. Fry the onions till golden brown OR other option is that you can make a onion ginger garlic paste and fry together.
  6. Lower the heat and add coriander powder,pomegranate seeds powder, chili powder,dry mango powder, mixed spices (garam masala), and salt. Stir. Now add 2-3 ladles of liquid stalk from boiled chickpea and cook till the onions turn soft by pressing them with a spoon.
  7. Take out 1 ladle of boiled chickpea in a plate and mash it with a spoon. Add mashed chickpeas to the pan. It will make the gravy thick.
  8. Now boil it on high flame till you get the desired consistency. Cool down the gravy but plsease remember that after cooling the curry usually becomes thicker.

Note: Dish out in a serving bowl and garnish with green coriander and pan fried potato. Serve hot with rice, chapatti or parantha or any bread of your choice. Bon Apatite!!

Happy Cooking!!

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