Eggs scrambled with Cheddar & Spinach – Dieter’s Delight


Are you looking for a low carb diet! Well then you have the right recipe for you to try with eggs, which are high on proteins, & generally most people like very much.

In this recipe eggs are scrambled along with chopped spinach & cheddar, its one of the healthiest combo’s and to top it all, it is delicious & great dieter’s food too. Just go for it!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time                Total Time                    Yields

05 mins                    10 mins                     15 mins                     1 Serving


 Eggs – 2 (beaten well with milk)

Cheddar cheese – ¼ cup (grated or shredded) or 50 grams

Spinach – baby or normal – 2 cups (450 grams)

Extra virgin olive oil – 1 tablespoon

Skimmed milk – 1 tablepsoon

Salt per taste

Ground black pepper


  •  Put the skillet on high heat & when the skillet is hot, turn heat to medium & add olive oil & then add spinach.
  • Baby spinach should be added directly and if fully grown spinach is available then should be roughly chopped and added.
  • When the spinach leaves start to wilt and its done add beaten eggs.
  • When eggs start to set, keep pushing then from all sides to the center gently with a spatula. Add cheddar cheese & salt keep mixing gently.

Note: The tasty low carb meal for you is ready to dig in, you can garnish it with fresh green coriander or fresh chopped chives & season with ground black pepper & toasted nuts of choice. Enjoy & Stay Fit!!

Happy Dieting!!

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