Rajasthani Kalakand

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Photo by Sakshi Deswal for Appy Bistro

Kalakand is made with milk, this dessert or sweet dish which is very popular in India, mostly served as a part of all main festivals meals or any party menu. Most likely it had originated from either Uttar Pradesh or Rajasthan state in India and then became equally popular across country.

With its soft and sweet nature it’s hard to resist by kids & adults both, so try this recipe at home and enjoy this beautiful sweet dish with your family. Made with cottage cheese, it simply tastes delicious.

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time                 Total Time                   Yields

25 mins                    30 mins                     55 mins                     1-2 Serving


Paneer (cottage cheese): freshly made home paneer. Made from two litres of full cream milk. Crumbled with fingers.

Finely ground sugar -5 table spoons (100 grams)

Milk powder (Nestles “Every day milk powder “) -5 table spoons (50 grams)

Green cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon

Cashews and almonds – 5 each cut into small pieces

Pistachios            -20 sliced


  • Grease a flat plate (thali) and a rolling pin ready for flattening kalakand as soon as it gets ready.
  • Put the crumbled paneer, milk powder and ground sugar (cottage cheese) in a wok (kadai). Mix gently with fingers. Keep aside for five minutes.
  • Put the pan on the gas stove and stir. Be careful while stirring, it should not be mashed with spatula (kalchi) otherwise granular texture will be lost.
  • After three to five minutes the kalakand will be thick & look like a lump. It shows that no more cooking is required. Switch off the gas stove.
  • Now transfer it on to a flat dish (thali) already prepared (see step 1).
  • Sprinkle cut nuts and green cardamom powder over kalakand. Roll it with the rolling pin so that the top surface is smooth and even and nuts will also be pressed down a little.
  • Let it cool down. Kalakand is now ready.

Note: Cut into desired shape and size and keep it in an airtight container and garnish with cashew nuts, almonds & pistachios. Cheers!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe by Karuna Saraswat


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