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Michelin Star Chef’s from India


If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did. By Gordon Ramsay

For those who have a fascination for Food, Culinary Arts Fine dining or a passion for simple home cooking and who really gets all excited to see the wonderful fresh farm vegetables, I think the very dream to be a chef is always there.

I guess in today’s world every one is much more aware of everything around and many of those like to follow their line of interest very closely, even for those for whom its not their direct line of interest, then they too don’t really mind following on other topics.

There are ones who make it their profession to become Chefs and derive their happiness with the chance they get to cook nice meals for others and earn a name for them selves, how satisfying!! And there are others who just cook at home (home Chefs) and derive their pleasure by trying to cook some nice recipes, which they learn from their family & friends, or recipes already done and appreciated by some renowned chefs earlier.

 “Secrets, especially with cooking, are best shared so that the cuisine lives on.”  Written by Bo Songvisava

Like its mentioned above I too feel that it would be great for the home Chefs to be more aware & to know a little more than just recipes and to know who all are well known chefs in India and world wide, to know about their skills and their life, nature, hobbies, accreditations etc. I feel it would be surely a feeling of being more connected to the person whose recipes you have been following and trying.

I would like to share today about the “Michelin Star Chefs”, have you heard about it? If no, then for your understanding Michelin (yes same tire company) is a Hallmark or is considered as the most prestigious ranking standard of fine dining. They rate restaurants and Chefs world wide based on their quality, for Chefs they review them based on their mastery of techniques & playing with flavors, consistency & their personality. Actually for any qualified Chef it’s a matter of great honor & respect to be termed as a Michelin Star Chef, Incredible!! Am sure it must be a great feeling to be recognized and appreciated after such a lot of hard work.

Till now Michelin was mostly rating European or American Chefs but we are now very happy that we have some great Michelin Star Indian Chefs too, Wow!! I am proud about it and would like to share the info I have on hand with every one around. Am sure that you must have seen some of them on the TV Food show sometimes. Michelin starred Chef’s and Restaurants have started now gaining popularity in India too, so its time now that not only a select few but the common person should know about them too.

Here is a look at them, I will speak about them to every one in details in very near future, so get to know them, appreciate them, get inspired from them and learn from them.

Michelin Star Chef’s from India:

  • Atul Kochar – The first Indian Chef to get a Michelin Star.


  • Vikas Khanna


  • Vineet Bhatia

author_vineet_bhatia -

  • Vivek Singh


  • Sriram Aylur

chef-sriram-aylur -

  • Alfred Prasad


Cooking is an art and they are the absolute Grand masters but they have earned it no doubt with their hard work and great experience. Bravo!!

I will share more details about each of them in other posts, Keep reading n enjoy food & cooking always.

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Post by Parul Khanna

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