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Lets Cheer for our Great Celebrity Chef’s 

There are so many types of cuisine worldwide and so many culinary experts too. In a normal home cooking is done only for the purpose of preparing meals for family where much thought is not given to it in most houses but cooking is much bigger and deeper subject.

India is one of the countries which has many varieties of cuisines across its length & breath, we are no doubt blessed with some of the exceptionally exquisite flavors and some very special people who pamper us all with their magic cooking, Our very own Extraordinary Chef’s who try to bring the culinary know how to our kitchen’s directly with their techniques, experience & out of this world creations.

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We eat our food most times without even thinking or knowing that there are so many interesting facts about the ingredients & cooking techniques involved. Cooking is a very complex art, which if we follow correctly looks easy and helps us in keeping our family, friends and guests healthy & happy.

Being very passionate about cooking & good food, I feel that the people who get a chance to study this field and make it to the top with their diverse expertise; vast experience, their love for cooking & exceptional enthusiasm are truly blessed. I am in awe with such persons whom we dearly call Chef’s.

There are some Chef’s who are so very popular now days, they have become a household names and I think that every one who knows and loves cooking, looks up to them and follows them, they absolutely inspire every one around to think deeply about the world of Food.

“Cooking everything with respect will lead to amazing tasting experiences” written by Rolf Baumann.

I want to share in brief today some of such True Master Chefs profiles who have become popular names in India due to their extra ordinary talent, truly great nature, deep knowledge & understanding of the food world & ultimately their marvellous creations & achievements. Whatever amount of complements we shower on them will never be enough, let’s Cheer for our Great Inspirational Indian Chef’s!!

  • Vikas Khanna – Amritsar born celebrity chef who graduated from Welcome graduate school has been crowned The hottest Chef in America & is a Michelin star chef too. He has been able to bring home style Indian cooking to the world thru his restaurant Junoon in New York, he is a Masterchef India judge and has had a chance to display his culinary skills at White House kitchen too.


  • Sanjeev Kapoor – This April born chef from Ambala is one of the most well-known people in Indian food industry and who is also a house hold name, now I really mean almost every house wife & those interested in cooking or simply food lover’s know him for his simplicity, famous smile & easy recipe presentation and would have surely tried his recipes some time or other. He shot to fame with his cookery show “Khana Khazana” and later launched his channel “Food Food” which again became a hit channel.


  • Sanjay Thumma – This April born Vah-Chef is from Hyderabad.  He shot to fame with his website and is quite a hot favourite with the Indian expat community in North America, Europe & Australia. He surely makes cooking look damn easy even for the new cooks.


  • Anjum Anand – This August born celebrity is a UK national but she is close to her Indian roots and made Indian cuisine her line of expertise. She was a TV host at UKTV show and even for BBC. She had launched a brand of Indian sauces by the name “The Spice Trailor”. Her culinary skills are appreciated in UK & India both.


  • Harpal Singh Sohki – The Energy Chef of India as popularly known and also known for his “namak shamak” song on the cooking shows had made every one notice him and become his fan soon, he has a huge fan following due to his easy cooking and warmth to connect with his fans. He is extremely well know for his show Turban Tadka.


  • Ranveer Brar – This February born chef is from Lucknow. This youngest Executive chef found his love for cooking from the local kebab vendors of Lucknow. He is a judge at the Master Chef India show and has many other popular shows featuring him. He is a proud owner of “Banq” his Franco-Asian restaurant in Boston, USA which bagged the prestigious “The Best New Restaurant worldwide”. His easy & simple style cooking makes him a hot favourite.


  • Kunal Kapoor – This September born chef from Delhi is popularly known as “The Curry & the Kebab Guy”. He was a judge at the Masterchef India and Junior Masterchef too, is the has many culinary awards and a cookbook to his credit. His dream is to make the Indian cuisine the best cuisine in the world. For sure a very popular chef known for his great culinary skills and style.


I am sure that all of these Chef’s are already very well-known names, incase for some who are still not fully aware, I will write about each of their journey to stardom in my other upcoming posts. I will introduce other celebrity chefs too soon. Look out for it.

“Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.” – By Francois Minot

For now let’s just think & feel good that we have such great talent to follow and learn from their success stories. Let’s be proud of them and Let’s Cheer for Them!!

I always write from my heart, I felt like writing & sharing with every one else, for others also to know about the great chefs who have made our food world such a happy place for all of us.

Please share stories of your favorite chef; we would all love to hear about them. Please connect with us at , follow us on Facebook & tweet with us on Twitter, we welcome your comments.

Happy Reading!!

Post by Parul Khanna

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  1. India has an amazing food culture and always I’m learning about the spices used in India culture thank you for the education and using my quote in your article.
    Chef Rolf Baumann


    • Hi Chef Rolf Baumann, We highly appreciate your comments and your liking for Indian cuisine. Thank you very much.
      We will be greatly honoured if you could contribute something for our blog from your end, if possible. Thanks again.
      Best Regards Appy Bistro.


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