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Which Egg Type Are You?


Eggs are mostly every ones favorite everywhere across globe for the fact that they are a great source of protein, they are easy & quick to cook, good to eat and kind of complete the breakfast plates whether boiled, poached, scrambled or fried.

There are a lot of people still, especially the new cooks & bachelors who are not fully aware about how many ways the eggs can be cooked. Sometimes they hear the egg name but cannot really identify which one is it.

One thing is how you want to cook & eat eggs & the other thing is which egg type represents which personality. There have been studies done by some researchers showing the psychology of consumers, that their liking of eggs type is just not their culinary choice but can show their personality traits too.

So, lets start today by showing you the pictures of the common ways of cooking eggs and telling you what the studies say about your personality as per your choice of eggs, it’s very interesting. Read On!

  • Scrambled Eggs –

There are normal scrambled & soft scrambled and studies show that normal scrambled egg lovers are generally conservative by nature. They are normally loyal friends; neither a party enthusiast nor a life of the party but can still be always seen partying around. Some times bland & boring but still loved by friends around. The soft scramble egg eaters on other hand are not easy to open up; they take time to start a friendship. Research also found scrambled eggs eaters prefer to stay without children or single.


  • Omelet – as per the research the Omelet liking lot is like a mother, looking after others, does not always take credit for all that they do. They let other around over shadow them sometimes.


  • Sunny side up – You are subtle yet wild. Like they would want travel for adventure but will end up on a beach lazing out. They are comfortable talking and sharing their stuff with every body & any body.

  • Fried Eggs – people who like fried eggs are from skilled workers class and are organized in their work area.


  • Poached Eggs – the researcher feel that people eating poached eggs are usually happier than others. They like to be in good company and like people to notice them, they are entrepreneurs & mysterious too.


  • Boiled Eggs – In boiled eggs there are soft-boiled & hard-boiled. The soft-boiled eaters are powerful & charming, classy n beautiful, they are strict n graceful. They don’t adapt easily to the new world. On the other hand hard-boiled egg eaters are conscious about health, are athletic in nature and like to have a nicely toned body. On the other hand the research says that boiled egg eaters are more prone to divorces but again it is all an individuals way of handling problems.

  • Baked Eggs – In general the research shows that baked egg eaters are very sensitive, emotional & delicate. They need some ones support always and need a lot of love & affection to sustain. They would prefer living in the countryside than in the hustle bustle of the city life.

  • Deviled Eggs – Classy & choosy, like things in a style. Like complicated things.

gastropub-deviled-eggs-1 -

I think it will be interesting to know which Egg type you are and see if the existing research findings are actually correct or not for you. I am excited to find out, Are you?

Happy Egg Eating!!

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