Month: September 2015

Orange Pastry Cream

Like any other pastry cream, orange pastry cream is also delicious & tastes heavenly when filled in pastries, puffs, etc. Orange flavor cream tastes incredible delicious with choco crepes. if you need a brighter orange color then edible color can be added too. Its again a very easily […]

Crème Patisserie

Crème patisserie is basically pastry cream used in a lot of desserts, is used for filling in cream puffs, éclairs, fruit tarts or pie fillings. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to imagine that the delicious cream pastry we love so much is so easy to make at home. Super […]

Hot Mocha Float

Looking for a nice cup of hot coffee with a difference, well end your search here and try this hot mocha float. I saw this recipe followed by a lot of people, originally from Paula Dean, it sounded very interesting so I too wanted to share with my […]

Chilled Coffee Slush

If you are a chilled coffee lover, well then you will surely like this great coffee slush. It is a perfect recipe to make and offer for tea or other parties, it will leave your guests amazed and longing for more. For doing this recipe simply mix cream, […]