Zucchini Salad


Zucchini is a great veggie, widely used while grilling, in pasta, as side dish etc. Toady I want to share Zucchini Salad recipe which is very easy to cook, extremely delicious to eat and healthy too. If you are short on time or don’t want to spend too much time cooking, then just go for this salad. It’s a great DIY salad for singles and bachelor’s as well.

Hey guys! our super baker is at work again, this is another one of our guest chef Joelle’s super simple, easy & truly delicious recipe. Here zucchini is thinly sliced, grilled and served cold with feta (optional), dressed with balsamic vinegar cream & pine nuts & seasoned with salt & ground pepper. Try out!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time              Total Time                Yields

20 mins                   10 mins                    30 mins                1 servings


Zucchini – 1 (thinly sliced length wise)

Feta cubes – 4 crumbled (optional)

Mint leaves – 8 (fresh)

Pine nuts – 10 pieces

Balsamic vinegar cream

Salt per taste

Ground black pepper

Olive oil – for brushing


  • Pre heat oven to 250°C in grill mode.
  • Wash and cut zucchini first into half, length wise and then thinly slice the halves lengthwise.

  • Now place the lengthwise thinly sliced zucchini pieces on the grill and lightly brush them with olive oil on both sides. Don’t put too much oil.
  • Now place the zucchini in oven on the top for 5 minutes.
  • Take out from oven and let it cool down. Place the grilled zucchini on the plate and cover with a cling wrap and refrigerate it.
  • While zucchini is getting cold, put the pine nuts in a pan and grill for 5 minutes to get a nice toasted effect. Keep aside in a cup.
  • Now take out the zucchini after its cold and place on a plate together in the center to form big pile or mount. Chop the mint leaves and sprinkle over zucchini. Now crumble the feta cheese over the zucchini too (optional).
  • Season with salt & ground pepper and dress with grilled toasted pine nuts & balsamic vinegar cream as per taste. Serve.

Note: In case you don’t have an oven handy, then you can grill zucchini in a grill pan too. Delicious Zucchini Salad can be served as a great starter and goes very well with small French breads. Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe contributed by Joelle Paku


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