Eggless Chocolate Mousse Shots


Chocolate mousse, it is a hot favorite dessert of many people. Some people need the mousse with no eggs, so here it is, a very simple yet delicious dish with creamy texture, which will melt in your mouth.

This chocolate mousse only needs milk chocolate & whip cream. Try this and treat your family & friends with a lovely recipe.

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time              Total Time                    Yields

50 mins                  10 mins                    60 mins               4 servings


Milk chocolate – 285 grams

Whipping cream – 2 ½ cups (chilled)

Gelatin – 7 grams

Water – 2 tablespoons

For garnish ideas:

Whipped cream

Cocoa powder

Almond flakes

Choco chips


Recipe & picture source: Peas and Peonies

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