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Macaron is a French sweet meringue based confectionary. The name is derived from Italian word macarone, the Italian meringue. The macarons are normally filled with ganache or creams or jams and can be made in different colors.

The macarons are made with almond powder, egg white, icing sugar & granulated sugar and color per choice. They are creamy, soft and moist and almost melts in mouth.

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time              Total Time                    Yields

50 mins                  10 mins                    60 mins               4 servings


Almond powder – 125 grams

Icing sugar – 125 grams

Castor sugar – 125 grams

Water – 35 grams

Egg white – 90 grams (the egg whites have to be separated & stored in fridge from yellow yolk at least 2 days before using them (this is important)

Coloring – of your choice (optional)


  • The quantity of the ingredients should be maintained exactly.
  • Ensure that there is no humidity in the room or in the oven (if it is humid, then don’t try this as your first recipe).
  • Egg white should be at room temperature at the time of cooking.
  • Mix the icing sugar & the almond powder in a blender and sieve it so that it is smooth and fine like flour. Ensure that the total weight should be 250 grams (almond powder + icing sugar), if not, then add some more almond powder and blend & sieve again to finally get the quantity of 250 grams.
  • Now take 45 grams of egg white and mix with the almond powder & icing sugar. Mix it well.

IMG_3811 IMG_3812

  • Now in a mixer add the balance 45 grams of egg white.
  • In a pan put water and castor sugar & cook till the temperature reaches 118°C (please check with a thermometer).
  • When the castor sugar & water reaches a temperature of 110°C start to beat the egg white in the mixer.
  • When the sugar & water reaches the temperature of 118°C take off heat and add little by little in the mixer with already beating egg whites. Continue to beat egg white and add coloring if you like colored macarons. When the temperature comes down to 40°C then stop beating. The mix should be now a creamy & soft in texture yet firm too at the same time. Should not be too runny like liquid.

IMG_3814 IMG_3815 IMG_3816

  • Now add the egg white from mixer to the almond powder-icing sugar-egg white and turn and mix slowly & carefully till it all mixes well with hand manually. Then turn and mix faster for few minutes more. The paste should be like smooth ribbon, not runny & liquid & heavy.


  • Prepare a plate with baking sheet and put the paste in a piping bag and make regular circles on the baking sheet with it(you can even draw circles on the baking sheet before to help get the right size & shape). Let the macarons sit and rest till it reaches a stage when you touch the top, the paste does not stick to your finger.

IMG_3818 IMG_3819

  • Pre heat the oven to 160°C and put the macarons for 14 minutes, after 6 minutes a kind of ruff will appear at the bottom of macarons, that makes the macarons look & appear like mushroom. After 14 minutes, take out and let the macarons cool down (Please note that every oven is different so the right suited temperature can vary from oven to oven).

IMG_3820 IMG_3821

  • Prepare a lemon cream, orange cream or chocolate ganache to put a layer between two macarons. Put the layer with the help of the piping bag. Let the cream or ganache rest in the fridge for few hours before putting on macarons.
  • Serve at room temperature after keeping overnight in fridge.

Note: Delicious macarons are served so cherish the taste. Bon Apatite!

Happy Baking!!

Recipe contributed by Joelle Paku


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