Southern Karjikai

Karjikai or Karanji or Karigadabu or North Indian Gujiya is a sweet dish, which is made during festival times like Diwali and Vinayaka Chaturthi. As the festive season is on so let’s talk about the sweets that go with it.

Karjikai has a crisp shell outside with sweet coconut, jaggery & nuts filling inside. Try out!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time            Total Time                    Yields

25 mins                 20 mins                 45 mins                     4-5 servings


For outer shell:

Maida (all-purpose flour) – 1 cup heaved

Sooji (semolina) – ¼ cup

Salt – 1 pinch

Oil for frying

For filling:

Dry coconut – 1/3 cup (grated)

Chatni dal (fried gram) – ½ cup

Powdered sugar – ½ cup + 2 ½ tablespoons

Poppy seeds (khus-khus) – 1 tablespoon

Cardamom powder – ¼ teaspoon

Cashew nuts – 3 tablespoons (finely chopped)


  • In a large mixing bowl add Maida, sooji & salt and mix well and then make stiff dough, like poori dough. Cover with wet cloth and let it sit for at least half hour. After that knead the dough well enough to make it soft.
  • In a mixer finely ground the chatni dal. Then slightly dry roast the poppy seeds. In another mixing bowl mix well together now the powdered chatni dal, dry roasted poppy seeds, powdered sugar, cashew nuts and cardamom powder. Keep aside.
  • Now take small portions of dough to make small balls, flatten then with palms and with rolling-pin roll out into small 4-inch diameter discs.
  • These discs can be placed in a karjikai mould, add a spoonful of filling and then with brush or fingers slightly wet with water the edges which will help in sealing them properly and then press the mould to get the karjikai shape. Take out the extra rolled dough outside which gets cut while closing the mould & keep it aside.
  • In case you don’t have a mould then put the filling on the discs and then close them by joining the edges (wet sealed again with water) to form a shape of semi-circle. Then with the help of a fork press the closed edges to make small lines patterns.
  • Mean time heat oil in a deep wok and drop the prepared karjikai’s in it, a few at a time and with a slotted spatula keep pressing and turning them. Cook on medium to low heat adjusting the oil temperature to avoid burning. When they become golden brown and are cooked well, take out and keep on a plate with paper towel to soak excess oil. Serve hot or store in an airtight container. These karjikai can be stored up to 10-15 days.

Note: Serve sweet karjikai and enjoy a nice sweet dish or celebrate your festivals with this sweet. Enjoy!

Happy Cooking!!

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