Month: October 2015


Quiche is a pastry crust, which is open faced, of savory taste with its origins in France, it has filling of veggies or meat or poultry etc. Basically this classic French dish has a pastry crust with filling of eggs & milk or cream, which after baking forms […]

Chocolate Log

Are you fond of dessert? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love chocolate desserts? Well then, we have a great looking, incredibly delicious & easily doable Chocolate log cake for you. Sometimes when you look at a cake or pastry you wonder as to how difficult […]

Kiwi-Lime Sorbet

Another Sorbet, well yes its here and you are going to surely love this one too. So far we have been doing the mint flavor but this one is with lime flavor and that too with Kiwi, it does make it an exotic chilled dessert dish. To prepare […]

Cucumber-Mint Sorbet

Here comes another one of the chilled dessert recipe, well you got it all correct, another sorbet. Summers and cucumbers go hand in hand and that makes it a perfect summer day recipe. Only thing you will wonder is that do cucumbers taste well as dessert too as […]

Minty-Melon Sorbet

Today the hot weather set me thinking what should be presented to my readers and boom came the idea of sharing chilled dessert dish, so what can be better than doing sorbet recipes. So here comes the very first one – the melon sorbet, to beat the heat […]