Chocolate Log


Are you fond of dessert? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love chocolate desserts? Well then, we have a great looking, incredibly delicious & easily doable Chocolate log cake for you.

Sometimes when you look at a cake or pastry you wonder as to how difficult it must be to do it, I suggest that you should then just try doing it and you will feel so very great when you are able to do it all by yourself at home. Our efforts are to bring to our readers all recipes in a much simplified way so that you can understand the process easily and cherish the heavenly feeling of baking something great for your family yourself.

Our guest chef Joelle Paku has contributed yet another of her great recipes, this time for chocolate lovers. The Chocolate Log is one cake which kids & adults would love to eat, cooked with all-purpose flour, sugar, eggs & filled with yummy vanilla cream. Wow! So don’t wait, go thru her recipe and try this!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time           Cook Time          Total Time          Yields

30 mins                  12 mins            42 mins               4 Servings


Eggs – 4 (egg white & yolk to be separated)

Sugar – 100 grams

Hot water – 2 tablespoon

Grated chocolate – 60 grams

All purpose flour (Maida) – 70 grams

Baking powder – 2 teaspoon

Sugar – 2 tablespoon (additional sugar)

For Vanilla cream:

Fresh cream – 180 ml

Icing sugar – 2 teaspoon

Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon


  • Preheat oven at 180°C (356°F). Grease the baking plate with little butter and spread the baking paper on it.
  • Beat the egg yolk with sugar in a mixer for 5 minutes till it becomes creamy.


  • Add hot water, grated chocolate, Maida & the baking powder.


  • Beat egg whites till it forms stiff peaks.


  • When it is ready, add this to the first egg yolk & Maida mixture.


  • Turn a little beat and pour the mixture in the baking plate.


  • Cook for 12 minutes and mean time prepare another baking sheet of same size as the one already used in baking plate and sprinkle with additional sugar. After 12 minutes, take off oven and take out of the baking plate and put over the baking sheet with additional sugar spread over it.

IMG_4024 IMG_4025

  • Remove the paper on top and turn & roll the cake slightly and put it back in its original baked way. Let it cool now.
  • In a stand mixer now beat the fresh cream with icing sugar and vanilla extract, when it becomes creamy & fluffy, put on the cake.

IMG_4026  IMG_4027

  • Roll the cake.


  • Place the rolled cake on a serving plate and top it up with grated chocolate. Cake is ready.

Note: Delicious chocolate log is ready, serve & enjoy with family & friends over high tea or simple as a yummy dessert. Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe contributed by Joelle Paku, Cheers to her!


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