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Sweet Beginning: Chef Arjun Dhakal


What is life of a Pastry Chef? Well its eat, sleep & Bake n Bake n Bake, it just goes on forever. I had promised my readers that I will start giving introduction of Chefs soon on my website, well I would like to start with the introduction of a young & enterprising Pastry Chef whom I noticed thru LinkedIn.

His enthusiasm for his work set me thinking who he was? I got in touch with him thru the same website and came to the life story of a young, hard-working & dedicated pastry chef. When I told him that I want to do a write-up about him, he was very happy & interested too. That set the mood to write about him. I wanted to bring forth Chef Arjun Dhakal’s profile to my viewer’s as its my passion to introduce the Chef’s under Appy Bistro’s drive “Cheer the Chef”.

Well, firstly his name is Arjun Dhakal; he is from Nepal and has done his education from there.  After that he set out to follow his passion of becoming a chef. He started his career in year 2005 as a Commi II and with is hard work, sincerity; dedication towards his work has managed to reach the position of Demi Chef. He works with Baguette De France. Baking is his prime passion and he is fully committed to pursue his dreams & accomplish his passion be the best in his field.


I asked him a few questions so that our readers can know him better and can Cheer for him & his efforts.

Q: Did you wish to become something else prior to becoming a Chef?

A: I always wanted to be a Chef and worked towards attaining this goal right from start.

Q: What do you really enjoy about a Chef’s life?

A: I like the most is the Creative aspect of my job. Our profession has many different aspects so one can never get bored.

Q: What are the top 3 ingredients you like to work with as a pastry Chef?

A: The very basic ones are the best. Salt, Sugar & Flour.

Q: What is your advise to young people to want to become Chefs?

A: Two key factors should be followed right from start till end, one is the knowledge & understanding and the other is the sense of maintaining a good balance. Young starters should not just pursue the dish or techniques but should firmly follow art & knowledge of cooking & baking and understand its back ground well, to study & experiment till they find their own direction. They should make their own identity thru good work, dedication & discipline instead of just following the existing trends. They are the ones in the end who will stand out & be noted for their creations & great work.

You can get an insight into his personality now, fighting against all odds in life, our young Chef has made to the place where he is now and we are very sure that with his strong will, hard work, complete dedication to his profession he will surely rise very well in his career.

IMG_4222 IMG_4227

Team Appy Bistro wishes him all the very best for his long journey & his great future and extends all the support we can give to him, in bringing his good work to the world through our website.

We request our entire viewer’s too to encourage him, please do give your comments to us and let us know your opinion by polling. If you wish to meet Chef Arjun, please do let us know.  Now let’s all cheer for him.

Cheers Arjun Dhakal, keep up the great work!

Happy Reading!!

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