Month: November 2015

Crème fraîche

Crème Fraiche means “fresh cream” and it is actually sour cream but less sour than US style sour cream. It’s name originally comes from France but it is very popular all over Europe & US. You must have surely enjoyed Crème Fraiche with either fruits or salads or […]

Apple-Lemon Tart

Baked goodies are always every ones favorite, if you can make nice cakes or pies or tarts at home all by yourself, well it’s a highly satisfying feeling. It feels difficult but if you learn it right and practice it, nothing is difficult then. Our guest chef & […]

Fruity Skewers

Fruit skewers are mostly a hit with kids & adults alike, it’s a great way of having kids eat fruits. Also they add charm to any party especially kids birthday parties. Beautiful & colorful to look at and tasty & delicious to eat, these fruit skewers are best […]