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Pastry Passion of Chef Vikas Shrivastava

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I have yet to meet anyone who would say no to Pastries or Desserts. We love them on our plates but not always & not all people think of the person who created that master piece that is truly a feast to our eyes & taste buds.

“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance” – By Chef Edward Lee

Every one love their desserts and we eat them most of the time with one thought alone – how pretty it looks and how tasty it will be.  Appy Bistro though tries to find such great Chef’s and bring their immense capabilities & hard work in front of our viewer’s thru our “Cheer the Chef” drive. I came across this profile and I am truly amazed to see his abilities & love and passion for pastries.

Today I want to present Chef Vikas Shrivastava, this August born from Jabalpur (India) had a childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Born to a govt. employee father & a lecturer mom, he was the younger sibling and developed his interest for cooking following his father in kitchen sometimes. With time this interest grew much stronger and to pursue that he landed in Delhi to realise his dream.


After an initial struggling phase, he got lucky & got a break in year 1996 at Hyatt Hotel for apprenticeship. During this period, he fell in love with pastry making and there has been no looking back since that time. He has to his credit working with Hotel Hyatt, Hotel ITC The Maurya Starwood “The Luxury Collection” Hotel & Radisson Hotel in past.

Chef Vikas has also to his credit, under taking a highly prestigious duty of looking into the room amenities for President Barack Obama during his stay at Hotel ITC Maurya on his visit to India.

Currently this incredible talented Pastry Chef is working with Le Meridian Hotel & Resorts Delhi as Sr. Executive Pastry Chef and is responsible for their entire bakery & pastry operations. You can any time hop into this hotel and enjoy his creations & appreciate his work.

“Baking is a harmony of the senses, basically its sight, its touch, its aroma” By Mark Fitch

I did a short interview with him and would like to share with my viewer’s too as it will give you all an insight into his professional life. Before I present the questionnaire, I would like to let you all know that I asked him his choice of Fashion brands and he likes Wills Fashions for clothing and he loves to buy watches from Spectrum.

Q: What is that you really enjoy about a chef’s life?

A: Being a chef I learn everyday something new and creative either from my colleagues or from the internet. And I also keep on trying different things each time I work.

Q: What are your top three ingredients to cook with?

A: I really love working on chocolates, sugar and marzipan.

Q: what does good food mean to you?

A: Good food is not only which looks good or taste good. Good food is the one which you make from all your mental satisfaction.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current food/ patisserie trends in India?

A: talking about food trends, now people have enough spending capacity but in that return people need proper taste and quality.

Q: Is there a particular chef from whom you draw inspiration?

A: I worked with many chefs in my career. All had different aspects of working and a different learning although.

Q: What goes into creating a dish?

A: Making a particular dish requires all your soul and heart involved. It must be made from your heart, not taking it as a burden.

Q: What is the toughest thing you had to do in your job?

A: While working with ITC, Maurya, President Barack Obama had visited India and I had to take care of the room amenities for him. It was a very tough thing I had to decide.

Q: Is there a culinary technique that you use in a different or unusual way?

A: The art of sculpting chocolates is something which I always use in an extraordinary way, because this is something which cannot be predictable at the beginning, that what will be the outcome.

Q: What advise will you give to a young chef starting in this industry?

A: young chefs entering into the industry must have a creative way of preparing things. People now a days prefer something new and innovative.

Q: What is your food philosophy?

A: Cooking healthy food is an art of using ingredients in such a manner that it never affects your guest’s palate and it does not change the taste of dish either and maintains the nutritional values of the recipe.

I am totally impressed with Chef Vikas’s work and would like to show you some pictures of his fabulous creations.

PicMonkey Collage
Team Appy Bistro Wishes Chef Vikas all the very best for his long journey & his great future and extends all the support we can give to him, in bringing his good work to the world through our website.

We request our entire viewer’s too to encourage him, so please do share your comments with us & if you wish to meet him, please do let us know. Let’s all cheer for him.

Cheers Chef Vikas Shrivastava, keep up the great work!

Happy Reading!!

Picture courtesy: Appy Bistro/Vikas Shrivastava



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