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Salsa Your Way with Shivani Singh


I don’t know if by chance or fate, I keep on hearing this name “Salsa” again and again and it really made me so intrigued that I actually wanted to know more about it. I understood that salsa is an elegant & sensuous dance form and makes every one around fall in love with it and it just makes it irresistible for them to not follow the beats.  salsa has its origins in USA and it is influenced by Latin American social dance form.

I just couldn’t figure out how & when but all of a sudden Salsa just seemed the most happening thing around, I was recently in Delhi & visited Summer House café at Hauz Khas to be a part of the salsa social. Then just out of the blue, one fine day I was in front of a lady who is very well known for her Salsa dance moves. I saw her dance & I was totally mesmerised to watch her as she truly made this dance look so easy & enjoyable with her swift dance moves.

After watching this fine young lady perform & teach Salsa, I instantly knew that it definitely is a happening dance. Her dance school is currently located at Vasant Kunj, Delhi. She owns a dance school “Live Love Salsa”there. Meet Shivani Singh, a computer science engineer turned highly popular Salsa dancer from Delhi, she started her Salsa journey from Salsa India, Delhi in year 2011 and since then performed at highly prestigious events like IIDC, IFL, GIF etc. which are known as Asia’s biggest festivals.

Currently she is a well known figure at most of the Salsa socials in Delhi. This young, energetic & stylish Salsa instructor teaches this fabulous dance to ladies, men, couples & kids. If you meet her once, I am sure you would want to Salsa. Its not just a talent you acquire to give you an edge over others but is a very good exercising tool to keep your body in shape. Well, what more can you ask for – party, enjoy, exercise & dance. To sum it up, its is indeed a “Live Love Salsa”.

Enclosed are some of the pictures & videos showing her talent & creativity.

PicMonkey Collagefinal

So, lets be a part of the happening world & lets Salsa, enjoy and paint this town red. I am sure that others will surely want to join you too as it definitely is HOT this season!

To get in touch with Shivani, Call / Whatsapp her at +91-9910879727 & visit her website or contact us to inform her.

Post By: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Shivani

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