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Perfect Blend of Culture & Creativity: Deepti Sudhindra


Some times we wonder how some people are born and blessed to be so talented! Do you ever wish you were one of them? Well, mostly every one wishes & wants that but a few select can actually make it happen & achieve great heights.

Deepti Sudhindra is one such person who is blessed with a creative hand on one side, a well-known Jewelry Designer and on the other hand she is a well-known Bharatanatyam Dancer. She was born to a musician mom and an Orthodontist father. She did her education from Bangalore and then did her jewelry designing from Mumbai. I was truly amazed to see how talented she is, so I wanted to feature her profile on our Lifestyle 360º.

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After speaking to Deepti, I found her to be very humble, warm, extremely hard working & an absolutely grounded person who likes to maintain a balance in her life and is strong enough to face all challenges as they come. She is some one who likes to be close to nature too. In spite of her hectic schedule, she still manages to occasionally take an off and visit places and locales in Himalayas.

Being myself from Fashion & Food background, I always like to ask everyone of their favorite cuisine and fashion brand choices. Deepti advised that being a vegetarian by choice, her food habits are influenced by weather and her moods. She prefers homemade, fresh organic food and likes Indian, Asian fusion & Lebanese cuisines. She has a sweet tooth and is fond of her chocolates, cheesecakes and cakes. Regarding fashion brands, she prefers Indian designers & owns many of their creations. Although, she is not much of a brand sorta girl yet but she likes elegant designs and when she encounters them from designers’ workshops, flea markets in Goa, antique bazaar, fashion stores, she just buys it.  Deepti says that there are young designers working with craft and contemporizing them for todays needs, in terms of the aesthetic that works for her. Also, as per her, there are too many to list here by name.

Deepti’s jewelry designs are very popular and has a fan following within India and she has a large number of international clients too. Her jewelry is influenced by designers from Greece, Egypt, Bali, and she is inspired by the design aesthetic of India, Europe and Turkey. Each piece is well crafted, designed with grace and is unique yet bold. She has had experience working with fashion designers such as Jason Anshu. She had crafted designs for them.

Deepti was selected by British council in year 2011 as the young creative Entrepreneur for the Fashion of the Year. She has showcased her designs at Aabhushan (World Craft Council) and the Jaipur literature week. If you appreciate beautiful & stylish jewelry in Gold or Silver, then you should check out her designs and visit her Design Studio or store.


Let’s now talk about Deepti, the Bharatanatyam dancer.  She began dancing and training from the age of 5 and was a student of Padmini Ravi, now she studies at the Rasika Dance Academy and is a student of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam from Chennai.


She had a fruitful theatre run too for a decade which influences her present dance practice and approach. Her form is Bharatanatyam and she applies her study of the Natya Sastra to its presentation and understanding and now she is emerging into her own as a performing artiste and dancer. It has taken a lot of practice and commitment and it has been quite a journey for her to get here and reach such great heights. You can watch her perform from time to time now.

I did an interview with Deepti and would like to share with all our viewers to get an insight into her Dream Project “the Jewelry Project” and her design studio, check it out!

Q:  Was there anything you thought you wanted to do before you wanted to be a Designer?

A: I had clarity from a young age about what I would like to do. It was a balance between design and acting/dance. And what else that came from these pursuits have been the cherries. Travel, learning alternative practices, meditation and the spiritual journey.

Q: What is that you really enjoy about a Designer’s life?

A: Very clearly in the designer life that I live, I like the freedom that has evolved in my work and the responsibility towards handmade jewelry and Indian craft. The constant need of presence and commitment to continue with the design practice and the flow that comes from it all. I like exploring the unknown.

Q:  When did you get attracted to jewellery designing?

A: It was destiny, I always loved wearing jewelry, it was a natural extension.

Q:  How do you describe your brand?

A: Handmade, with a neo Indian aesthetic. Beautiful, well crafted, stylish, timeless and classic and definitely distinct in design and style. Only in gold and sterling silver.

Q: What makes your work different as compared to your peers?

A: Our commitment to design not just as an end product but also the process to get there. The consciousness that applies to the process and the craftspeople who make it. The aesthetic that applies to metal crafting and our concepts. The beauty of the finish product and our exceptional pricing.

Q: Which brand would you take as competition for you?

A: Well in Indian aesthetic Amrapali, but none otherwise.

Q:  What are your thoughts on the current Jewelry trends in India?

A: Bling seems to be ruling and costume jewelry has definitely made inroads. We are moving away from a refined sensibility to wear what’s in trend.  Fashion weeks and Indian cinema and television has a huge influence. But what I know from being in this field is that there is a large population that is not swayed by the mainstream. An intelligent and aware woman both Indian and international is our patron and client and is also redefining style…so we have the spectrum.

Fine jewelry especially gold and silver in India will always be a part of the living legacy and culture of this country. It is in this space that I apply the constructs of design to move into what will be fine jewellery in India today.

Q:  What goes into creating your designs?

A: Life experience, a-ha moments, I see the piece or collection in my minds eye, and an idea of who might wear it.

Q:  What is the toughest thing you had to do in your job?

A: Meet timelines, it’s tough. Designing needs time and patience. Also, doing my best not to hit creative blocks.

Q:  Is there a designer technique that you use in a different or unusual way?

A: Yes. I make everything my own, from the approach to concept, to research projects, there is an underlying philosophy to the jewelry project and our work stems from here.

Q: What advise would you give to young budding designers in the industry?

A: If you decide to go solo and build a brand, go slow, keep testing waters, learn about the market and hold your finances, be sensible. Instant gratitude is not required, pursue the practice of design seriously, learn from the world and other related skills and practices. Make a difference to lives and if you don’t love what you do stop, ask questions…always love and respect your practice.

Q: Where would you rate your product price wise?

A: We are very well priced. Ask our customers, design does not have to be expensive. We go from INR 1200 upwards to INR 300,000.

Q:  Who all are your major clients – within India or Overseas and why?

A: We have had film stars, corporate business leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artistes, designers, real estate tycoons, homemakers, journalists, writers, teachers, authors, chefs. They love and identify with our jewelry. Everyone says that they get compliments and feel great wearing our jewelry. Clients from Japan, USA, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, England, middle east. Yes, we have reached them. I never ever thought that it would reach such a diverse and eclectic mix.

Q: What are your plans for next 5 years?

A: To begin the work on working with more metal work techniques, launch our fine gold jewelry line, find the right balance for our online presence and create more beautiful jewelry and strengthen our presence. Right now I am awaiting to re launch our new store space on Lavelle road in 2016. Also there is a larger project of a design and craft center and that is ideating as I write this.

If you want to reach Deepti, then visit her Tharangini Heritage Design studio at 12th cross, RVM extn. opposite Sadashivanagar police station, Bangalore-560080, Phone no: 08023616239 OR visit her store at 24/1, Lavelle Road, 1st Floor, above Glens bake house, Phone no: 080-22225222, email:, website


Post by Parul Khanna

Photoshoot: Mallikarjun

Model: Pratiksha

Styling : Namrata Sudhindra

Pictures By the jewelry project,  posted by Appy Bistro

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