Norwegian Potato Lefse


What is Lefse? It is a kind of flatbread, actually very similar in looks like an Indian Chapatti or parantha or you can even compare it to a tortilla or crepe but its much more heavier than a crepe and more softer than tortilla.

The Lefse are mostly liked in a sweet form sprinkled with sweet butter or sugar & cinnamon rolled up or with jams, cream cheese, Nutella or sauces etc. but they can be also enjoyed in a savory form with veggies & meat or cheese. Either ways it tastes good. The other good things is that you can cook once and store the leftovers for a long time in the freezer and heat and enjoy at a later time. To cook lefse all you need to do is to boil potatoes, mash them with butter & cream and knead them into a dough and cook them. Try out!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe

Prep Time           Cook Time              Total Time              Yields

20 mins                  25 mins                 45 mins                4 Servings


Potato – 450-500 grams

Butter – ¼ cup (unsalted)

All purpose flour – 1 ½ cups

Heavy cream – ¼ cup

Salt per taste


  • Wash, peel, cut into small pieces and boil the potatoes in water till they are soft & tender. Take off heat and transfer to a mixing bowl.
  • Using a potato masher or a fork mash the potatoes till no lumps are seen, add butter and mix, now add cream & salt and mix well till all are blended well together. Adjust the seasoning per taste. Now cover and refrigerate overnight.
  • When ready to cook lefse, mix mashed potatoes with flour, initially it will be quite crumbly but slowly the dough will start blending and coming together. Keep kneading till dough is smooth. Now roll the dough into a log and divide into 8 equal parts. Now roll each portion into a shape of a small ball.
  • Heat your pan or grill. Now using a rolling pin and after dusting the place to make the lefse, roll out out the small balls into larger size circles gently. Flip and roll on the other side too, if it gets sticky, use a little flour to dust it.
  • Once the pan is hot, place the lefse on the pan and cook on both sides flipping from time to time to get a golden brown spots on both sides.
  • Now spread the topping per choice on the cooked lefse and serve.

Note: Lefse can be stored in the fridge for a long time but use wax paper between the lefse layers.  Delicious comfort food is ready. Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!


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