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Youngest Indian Michelin Star Chef: Alfred Prasad


There are many Chefs who are well-known and famous for their work & achievements but some of them only become eligible for international awards, accolades & recognition. One of the highly prestigious award in the culinary field is the Michelin Star, which is awarded to very few restaurants & Chefs worldwide.  Michelin Star Chef is a chef who can make exceptional dishes and is an absolute gastronomic wonder. Today we feel incredibly proud to present one such great Chef.

Meet Alfred Prasad, the youngest Indian chef to have a Michelin Star. He made us all proud by becoming a Michelin Star Chef at the age of 29 in Year 2002.


Alfred is from Wardha(India) and had graduated from Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai. After that he was one of the few lucky ones to be handpicked for an advanced training at ITC Maurya, New Delhi including their restaurants Dum Pukht and Bukhara, which are one of the best restaurants in India. As a pioneer in his field, he headed the kitchen of well-known Dakshin restaurant at ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai.

In year 1999, Alfred moved to London and joined the Tamarind of Mayfair(London) as Sous Chef and pretty soon, within a year became the Executive Chef. Then came the best moment of his life when this young & talented Chef earned the honour of being the Youngest Indian Chef to receive a Michelin Star, cementing his feet firmly in the culinary world.

Alfred moved up to become the Director Cuisine and Executive Chef of the Tamarind Collection and during his 14 long years with them he designed the best of menus for them and created a distinct identity for all of their restaurants, Tamarind of Mayfair, Zaika of Kensington, Imli Street & Tamarind of London. Alfred has also been associated with MCC Lords (home of cricket) and offered them upscale authentic Indian cuisine in their hospitality boxes. Alfred is at the moment working on his own restaurant project and is also engaged in writing his first book.


“The endless nature of cuisine makes our journey as chefs such an exciting, enlightening destination” By Alfred Prasad

Alfred’s strength is to bring forward the traditional Indian cuisine and giving it a modern touch, perfectly balancing the creativity & authenticity of the dishes. He truly believes in maintaining & preserving the flavours of all the ingredients and he is a master of preparing & presenting every creation of his as a completely delightful experience, enabling people to pamper their taste buds with his mouth watering dishes.

alfred prasad picmonkey

“My home country continues to inspire my creative sojourns” By Alfred Prasad

Alfred has earned many accolades for his cooking passion and revolutionary cooking skills, he has also earned many great testimonials from BBC Good Food, Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, Aditya resorts Sri Lanka and from Celebrity Chefs like Gordon Ramsay etc.


“Alfred deserves the widest recognition. A lot of people take Indian food for granted, but this man is always pushing the boundaries, seeking out new spices and combinations. I think we chefs trained in more classic cuisine have a lot to learn” By Gordon Ramsay


This incredibly talented Master Chef runs master-classes regularly in London at Divertimenti Cookery School and School of Wok. He is often a part of the food festivals across the globe and is an integral part of the Taste of London festivals for more than 12 years now.

Alfred being a true humanitarian is highly passionate about food waste & food poverty and is an ambassador for Food Cycle and Action Against Hunger program.

When we talk about Alfred then we cannot miss mentioning Taste of London festival. He has been with this festival since it began in 2003 and at the moment considered as one of the worlds best culinary festivals. In year 2013 the Taste of London celebrated its 10th birthday and Alfred along with Chefs Michael Roux Jr. and Chef Gary Rhodes was one of the chef ambassadors and founding fathers. He showcases his talent and cooking skills and loves to interact with his peer chefs in an informal & relaxed environment during such festivals.

PicMonkey Collage

While visiting London, enjoying Chef Alfred Prasad’s delicious dishes is a must to plan out.

Alfred has collaborated with Cobra beer after receiving an invite from them to train and offer his expertise to all curry houses across UK, to enable them to compete with the changing food & market trends.

Great British Chefs, which is a prestigious Chefs portal and are highly selective in extending their invitations to their portal, invited Alfred to be a part of the hundred Foot journey film immersive experience along with Chef Pascal Aussignac. Watch this!

“100 Foot journey video

Alfred presented his vast experiences in early 2015 via Great British Chefs, Everyman Cinema and Celebrity Cruises. The same year Alfred also presented an elaborate 6-course meal inspired by wonderful spices to celebrate the Spices Festival at Kew Gardens,UK.

Chef Alfred Prasad’s exceptional talent, un paralleled passion and energy, his incredible desire to do wonders with his cooking skills & creativity and above all his love for cooking makes him so special, he is a great inspiration to so many upcoming chefs who want to do something great in the culinary world as well. Cheers Chef Alfred Prasad!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Pictures courtesy: Alfred Prasad

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