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Bake Off with Celebrity Chef Nina Tarasova

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When we talk about women achieving success in any field and specially the culinary industry, my eyes glow & become bright as at that very moment, I feel extreme joy & great pride. It is definitely a big challenge to make a place for yourself in today’s highly competitive world, to ensure that you get noticed and to get the people follow you, this itself is a huge task which only a few lucky ones can achieve. Today we very proudly present one such lady chef who has managed to conquer all odds & come out as a true winner and a great master chef.

Meet Nina Tarasova, incredibly gorgeous, extremely humble, iron willed Russian artist-patissier, who is an Ambassador of the Cacao Barry French chocolate Brand and also ambassador of “the Life Is a Game”- chefs’ uniform producer, she is a consultant in pastry skills and a columnist in numerous pastry journal, conducts master classes in Russia & various well-known European culinary schools.

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Nina came to Paris for a Bon Jovi concert & ended up buying a pastry book by the name PH10 pâtisserie by Pierre Herme, which changed her life for ever. Without knowing French language, she started to google the recipes, which led her to follow her first teacher & put her on a never ending journey of becoming a master pastry chef. Her first and basic education was at ENSP (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie) château de Montbarnier, Yssingeaux. School under the direction of Alain Ducasse and Yves Thuriès. After that she has been going back to France every year to improve her skills and experience. She has also studied at Ecole Gastronomique  Bellouet Conseil Paris; Ecole Ferrandi Paris; The National College of Marzahn- Hekkersdorf, Berlin; School of Alain Ducasse Paris; The School of Gaston Le Notre Paris, where every day she learnt something new in the amazing pastry world which ultimately helped her excel and reach far ahead of many others in this field currently.

She has been mentored under some of the most famous names like Franck Geuffroy (Head Pastry chef from school Alain Ducasse), Richard Hawke (Chef from school ENSP in Yssingeaux), Nicolas Pepan (her first chef from Pastry Shop “Nicolas Pepan” in Lyon, where she worked for the first time), The Bellouet Conseil team – Jean-Michel Perruchon, Johan Martan, David Bonet. She feels overwhelmingly grateful to each of these chefs, for supporting and believing in her always.

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Nina is a truly gifted French pastry chef, which is her main stream, which she follows & where she is completely comfortable with, she loves to work & play with European style of pastry with fresh ingredients, all natural ingredients, good quality chocolate, best of fruits and berries. She is highly creative in combining pastry flavours, which is her strength too & she loves to work with sugar craft, it is simply amazing to watch her work. Inspite of being one of the best, she still keeps attending professional classes at top European schools to constantly enhance her skills.

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What really impressed me about this super cool chef was that, she takes her inspiration from practically everything – her travel, nature, wonderful new meetings, flowers, sun, wind, stones! She says she can see new vision of dessert from everywhere and every thing around her irrespective of them being bold or even crazy, she imagines the combinations in her mind first, tries the blended tastes & then gives it a final form.

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She is a firm believer of balancing both the perfect taste & perfect plating / dressing. She strongly feels that without good looking dessert, one will not to want to eat it. For the first of your feelings, your eyes must to be hungry. Second – without good flavors you can never enjoy your desert. For creating a perfect dessert, appearance, design, decor, smooth glaze, shiny chocolate has to be in coordination with flavor, sugar, combination with textures and lights. She is an absolute master of artistic patisserie.

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Nina has worked around the world, not only in Russia, this wonder chef travels a lot, takes inspiration from other places & people she meets, conducts master classes all over Europe & in Russia. We are looking forward to Nina coming & conducting some master classes in India too soon. If you wish to get an insight into how she conducts her master classes then either visit her website & view the videos or check out her videos on youtube.

Nina has earned a name for herself in the patisserie world with her strong passion, absolute dedication, hard work & incredible patisserie & artistic skills and she is a big inspiration to all the new pastry chefs who would dream of following her path & making it big in the pastry world. Cheers Chef Nina Tarasova!

You can check out her videos as well! Have a look at her creativity come to life!

Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Nina Tarasova


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  1. I know Nina from last few years. She is my inspiration and teacher too. She is a very good human being and as a chef she is very much dedicated towards her work. I always want her to conduct her class in India and soon my this wish going to convert into reality. I have one thing to tell about her and that is ” She is the best ” .


    • Dear Abhijeet, thanks for sharing your comments with us. We fully agree that Nina is a superb chef & a great human being. We too are looking forward to her classes in India. Thanks again and Please do keep visiting Appy Bistro.


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