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Avoid 6 Big Mistakes while Washing your Jeans & Denims

Jeans are the most commonly used, favourite, comfort clothing globally. Some people love it so much that they practically live in their jeans. Usually people find themselves having more pair of jeans in their closets than other bottoms, most of them being in the shades of blue, Indigo or black. A good pair of jeans is practically like a staple wardrobe for most of us.

We buy denims as they are trendy, comfortable, they are definitely made to last long apart from the fact that they are very much a part of high fashion garments & offered by the biggest fashion brands too. What we need to look into now at our end, is how to maintain them & actually make them last as long as possible.

Most of us are in a habit of wearing clothes & then just tossing them in the washing machine & dryer to make them clean & re usable again. While washing our jeans, what we normally forget is that each wash is destroying our denims. To maintain the new & fresh look of our jeans, we just need to follow some simple steps while washing & drying them and avoid major mistakes which can damage the fabric. Let’s just say, it’s a smart way to manage & care for your jeans.

Wash them inside out & don’t use bigger lots –

Always remember that fabrics go thru severe abrasion while turning & tumbling during the washing & drying processes irrespective of the cycles used. Wash & dry your jeans always, zipped, buttoned & turning inside out to minimize the color loss and abrasion. Also remember not to over load your washing machine & dryer with a bigger lot, as then the garments rub too harshly against each other and don’t get enough space to turn resulting in severe abrasion again.

Don’t wash them often –

Jeans don’t need to be washed often, so they are the best clothing to have & best news for the people hating doing laundry. This will help avoid the color loss and give them a new look for a long time.

Wash them in cold water –

Its always advisable to wash your jeans in cold water to avoid loosing too much color & avoid fading. Sometimes if possible during the first wash, toss in 2 spoons of salt in the cold water to set the dye colour.

Choose the right wash cycle –

The best way to wash your jeans is to hand wash in cold water but as this is quite a time consuming & strenuous exercise so while washing in a machine, you need to choose a very gentle wash cycle & dry them at very low temperatures.

Use the right detergent in the right quantity –

Don’t use very strong detergents, use mild ones unless your jeans or denims are extremely dirty. You can even use colour preserving detergents for dark or black colour jeans which help colours to hold on to fabric & avoid too much colour loss.

Don’t over dry them –

The best & the easiest way to ensure your jeans long life expectancy, is to either hang dry them in shade, not in the direct sunlight to rejuvenate them or to hang dry them first and then put in the dryer just towards the end of drying process to avoid the stiffness & retain the fabrics softness. While hang drying, you should take care by placing some discarded towels or cloth under the hanging jeans so that the dripping indigo or black color will not stain your flooring.

Feel caring for our jeans will help us sustain them much longer in the perfect condition. So try out these steps & do let us know the outcome.

Happy Reading!

Post by: Parul Khanna


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