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Creating Food for Every Mood: Brand Master Chef Inder Dev

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Talk of the great chefs and the very first thought that crosses your mind will be that, they can do impossible cooking tasks with ease & make it look so simple too. Being a chef is very tough with long, unlimited working hours and only some of them with their absolute passion & love for cooking, conquer all odds & come out as winners. We feel extreme pleasure in introducing one such great chef who can be called one of the winners of the gastronomic world.

Meet Brand Master Chef Inder Dev, who hails from the wonderful & colorful city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan. Happily married and a proud father of two kids, this chef too has to balance his life between the exhausting long hours in kitchen & his family. Very humble & soft spoken, this chef grew up with the dream of becoming a great chef right from his young age. Highly skilled and with 25 years of vast experience in the best of the world class & prestigious hotels, being a TV personality, this Master Chef is surely one of the best in the hospitality & culinary arena.


After completing his graduation from Jaipur, he went on do his Hotel Management course from Mumbai and further got lucky to do specialised culinary courses from Yokohama Kenshu Centre, Japan. He started his professional journey from ITC Searock Sheraton Mumbai. He is a culinary professional with experience of 25 years in high end hospitality in India and various other countries, he was actively engaged in cookery shows for Zee Business’s Great Chefs of India and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana. His long gastronomic journey & vast industry exposure includes over 11 years in ITC Hotels & ITC Fortune Hotels together, having culinary association with well known master chefs of ITC and exposure in brands like Bukhara, Kebabs & Kurry, Dum Pukth etc. apart from being a core member of the pre-opening teams of various well-known & prestigious Star Hotels. He is proudly associated with highly eminent organisations such as Hokke Club Hotels (Japan), Bombay Palace, Montreal – Canada, Sheraton – ITC’ Luxury Collections, Hilton- Oberoi Hotels and Fortune Hotels by ITC Hotels. He is currently placed as Brand Master Chef at Nimitaya Hotels & Resorts and World Art Dining.

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We took a peek inside the life of this great chef and would like to share with our viewer’s too as it truly reflects his love & passion for cooking, check out to know him better.

Q: Was there anything that you thought you wanted to do before you started cooking?

A: Since my father was into hospital catering, as a child I got inspired by seeing chefs in discussion with doctors and dieticians for understanding food and then mixing & matching ingredients to prepare dishes. So there was always a thought in back of mind to do such in life. As I grew, I worked hard to fulfil my dream to become a chef.

Q: What is your food philosophy?

A: I always say ‘Good Food Makes Life Beautiful’ .  as mentioned above, I have seen food getting prepared with fresh and good quality ingredients, I relate food directly with health. Good health can only be achieved by eating right food in right quantity at right time. I say big NO to processed food and recommend seasonal food. I believe these couple of ‘mantra’ are good enough for a healthy living through food.

Q: What is it that you really enjoy about a chef’s life?

A: I have been a very frequent domestic and international traveler for years to learn about food. I started learning cooking food from my mother, I have travelled to remote villages where food used to get cooked on wood fire, I have gone to boulevard shops across India, I have got involved in cooking with women who were born before separation of India, I have gone to learn food from khansama of royal families, I had spent time in cities which are famous for their own food, I  learnt about rare and regional spices from people selling on roads, I have learned more details about food from food nutritionist and scientists. I have been learning from my childhood and still I am learning. This is what I enjoy being a chef, this is what I say all about a chef’s life.

Q: What are your top three ingredients to cook with?

A: Passion, Love & Worship

Q: What kinds of foods do you think are underrated?

A: It will be injustice to say so, as every food has its own importance depending upon location and weather, food habits and agricultural situations. However steamed food is still far behind than other food as retaining flavours in steamed food is a challenging task.

Q: Is there a particular chef from whom you draw inspiration?

A: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Satish Arora, Chef Manjit Gill and Chef Imtiaz Qureshi, they all are great masters in own way and also my mentors who gave me a lots of learning and a platform to make my individual identity.

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Q:  What advice would you give to a young, ambitious chef who is just starting out in the industry?

A: Nothing can substitute knowledge and skills. Focus on people’s food desire, your own learning desire should never stop.

Q: What does good food mean to you?

A: Food that is prepared with seasonal ingredients considering it is for worship.

Q: What is your first memory of cooking?

A: A perfect phulka from mother’s hand.

 Q : What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to do in your job?

A: As such there is nothing tough at job, I have not learnt saying NO at workplace, so everything became easy for me. 

Q: What goes into creating a dish?

A: Decades of experience, knowledge of ingredients, impact on human body, scientifically accepted mixing of ingredients is all that required to get a feel that ohh…I can create a dish.

Q: Is there a culinary technique that you use in a different or unusual way?

A: I have travelled all around world and experienced cooking techniques used across the globe are more or less similar. I want to make a underline here that cooking done in ancient time used to have some medicinal back ground to it. Some of examples such as cooking done in collacasia leaves or turmeric leaves or grape leaves, seasoning or marination done in fresh turmeric cooked oil, soaking of cooked dry food in spiced water for enhancing taste and increasing shelf life, or dry cooking with just salt and turmeric is missing in today’s time. The incorporation of these cooking styles can be a key point in reviving the cache of ancient cooking.

 After meeting & talking to such great chef’s, it always feels, that we have a lot to learn from them. Chef Inder Dev’s dedication for his work, love & passion for cooking & his truly great nature is absolutely inspiring for the young chefs in the industry. To meet and also to enjoy Chef Inder Dev’s wonderful & delicious creations, you just need to visit the World Art Dining.

Cheers Chef Inder Dev!

Post By: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture Courtesy: Chef Inder Dev

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