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Your Fashion Fix: Chic Leather Bags by Kris

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Are you scouting for the best quality, classy yet chic, ultimate leather bags or are you looking for “the-one” best suited to your personality? Well then, your search will come an end here after you get your eyes & hands on some trendy, elegant, classy, sophisticated & luxurious leather bags from Kris.

I am sure that you will instantly fall in love with Kris Bags, the moment you see them and definitely they will upgrade your wardrobe & make it top of the line.  Having such unparalleled selection of bags, your lust list of designer leather bags will go up many times.

We would like to present Kris Bags the new collection, which is Hot this season. Check them out as you deserve the best.

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Now let’s talk about Kris, meet the ingenious and highly talented Designer, who established Studio, for producing Kris label creations after graduating from design school and starting on his own in year 2007. Kris decided to create a line of bags those were special, but still practical. Mixed with pops of color and geometric ideas, each product carefully balancing minimalism and function. As they completely understand that everybody wants something unique and special that nobody else has, so keeping this thought in mind, Kris & Studio designs bags so people can take that special product with them any time they wish for it, he designs his products to fit market & upcoming trends and evolving styles, with simple, clean aesthetics in mind, which results and boasts of clean lines and classic palette.

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Kris, with his exceptional designing skills & decade of experience, feels that with the modernisation & new technology, the old authentic crafts are disappearing so he & his Studio are constantly creating fresh and innovative ideas in a unique way, they believe it’s essential to ensure that every measure is taken to utilize the “natural resources”. His effort is to incorporate decade of experience in apparel industry, academics and textile institution passion and the drive for traditional crafts; textile, leather and apparel to continue to stay at the forefront of design.  Our approach to each product is a combination of sophisticated manufacturing technique, fine eye for details respect for traditional principles of design. Studio’s endeavor is to keep alive the languishing traditional crafts and designs which are becoming extinct.

Their indigenous in-house handcrafted product; Bags, Footwear, Belts, Neck wear, Stationeries etc.  are completely hand sewn, using traditional technique; special stitching technique called Saddle–Stitching, which is normally used for making horse harness, is used in manufacturing process in their studio; the result of such careful hard work can be seen in the strongly made leather products; which clearly displays the dedication & passion spent on making it. Studio & Kris ensure that every skin is handpicked with attention to detail of the natural hide; each hide is sourced by them in India with a conscious response to animal welfare and to the tanners.

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Kris’s deep concern and a constant thought to give something back to the planet earth has inspired his ideas about recycling and re-use. He is always looking for opportunities to make sustainable fashion choices to help limit the consumption of Earth’s natural resources. He strongly feels that even this small gesture can end up making a huge difference so they are always searching for new materials that are stylish and eco-friendly – a lofty request at the time but boom, came the thought and he did something great & extraordinary, to use inner tube to be made into the handbag/accessories he had been dreaming of. This resulted in the birth of their another Up-cycle Eco label with a social and environmental conscience. Kris & Studio are great inspiration to the new & upcoming designers.

Kris is an incredible designer, whose work is really admired, not only by Indians but by foreign nationals too. If you are looking for great leather bags, the ones those will upscale your personality & make you have an edge over others, just hop into Studio and get yourselves a great bag. Happy Bag Shopping!

Contact: Studio. Kris Inc.

#25/26,6thcross,1stmain, Vasanthpura. Bangalore 560 061.

E-mail :

Mobile Phone: 9900904041

Picture courtesy: Kris

Post By: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

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  1. Bags pictures found are really beautiful. I also want new leather bag, now planning to buy. Leather bags are highly adorable and persuasive because of their style and looks. Thank you for sharing…


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