Month: February 2016

Baked Yoghurt

Desserts are every ones favourite and dessert craving are quite common. Mostly desserts are loaded with sugar but if get hold of a dessert which sounds healthy too apart being incredibly delicious, then it is a great treat. We have a great recipe from Celebrity Chef Sriram Aylur […]

Bharwan Paneer

Paneer (cottage cheese) is one the most favorite dishes in India and especially with the vegetarians. This milk product can be cooked in many ways and tastes truly delicious in which ever form its cooked. Michelin Star chef Alfred Prasad has a fabulous recipe of stuffed paneer chuncks […]

Indian Potato Cakes

These delicious Indian potato cakes from Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad are full of fresh fragrant coriander and chunky chickpeas, with a hint of cumin and garam masala. They’re incredibly easy to make, and would make a great vegetarian substitute for fish cakes or even burgers. Step-by-Step Easy […]

Chettinad Chicken Curry

From Tamil Nadu in Southern India, Chettinad chicken curry has plenty of punch and fire. Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad’s simple to follow recipe is full of vibrant flavour and only takes 40 minutes to make. Serve with rice on the side. Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe – Cook […]