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Food Maestro: Chef Peter Joseph

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Any chef working with a Michelin Starred restaurant on one side has an edge over many of his peers in the industry and on the other side has a huge responsibility to maintain & retain the Michelin Star status.

Meet Chef Peter Joseph, Head Chef at Tamarind of Mayfair, London, UK, hailing from Tamil Nadu, India, this chef grew up with a dream of becoming a lecturer, following the footsteps of his parents who were both educationists but destiny obviously had planned for him to become a successful Chef. He always appreciated & enjoyed his mothers cooking at home and this changed his focus & developed his passion for cooking, which only deepened further after watching cookery shows & watching other chefs on TV. This led him to make a choice of entering the culinary world and also led him study Hotel Management.


Peter’s professional journey started from ITC Welcome group, working under Executive Chef Rakesh Upadhyay who has been his inspiration through out. Later he moved to UK and joined Tamarind of Mayfair in year 2006 as sous chef, with his hard work & great skills he soon became the Head Chef at Tamarind in year 2012. Peter played a major role in improving the kitchen operation & standardising food production and deeply involved with supervision of every dish produced in the kitchen which resulting in Tamarind Retaining the MICHELIN STAR.

During his tenure at Tamarind, he has successfully led a regular guest chef programme at ‘Windows’ Restaurant, Hotel D’Angleterre, Geneva for the month of August for a number of years and Peter also heads up the event catering division of the Tamarind Collection that caters for Lords Cricket Ground, serving up to 2000 people for major matches. Chef Peter tasting menu, which is the first in its 20-year Tamarind history is very popular with clients now. Tamarind was serving food mainly curries in bowls and kebabs and few starters plated but chef Peter’s aim is to do a whole tasting of Indian menu plated to change the perception of Indian cuisine as it’s traditionally known for bowl food and curries there, which has become quite popular with their customers.

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Now let’s talk about food that he likes to cook and seafood is his first choice, his “Ajwaini Macchi” is one of the hot favourites dishes and his forever favourite creation to date has been Pudhina Chops (Lamb cutlets with dried mint, malt vinegar and peppercorns). He is a perfect team player while at work, guiding & heading his team whose favourite ingredients to work his magic with are ginger for its aromatic flavour, fresh coriander, cardamom, mustard which gives a great flavour and goes well with seafood and small onions.

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Chef Peter values his work and admires other great chefs too, he feels greatly inspired by London Chef Angela Hartnett too, at Tamarind’s neighbouring restaurant Murano.

Peter has accomplished his place in the culinary world with his great & supportive nature, sheer hard work, sheer dedication, ultimate passion & great cooking skills. Chef Peter is a big hope & inspiration to the new entrants in this field surely.

Cheers Chef Peter Joseph!

Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Peter Joseph


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