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Master of Cuisine Evolution: Chef Antonio Tardi



Every chef aspires to be the best in his field but very few are able to gain the reputation of being exceptional in their line of work. Those who become top of the line are usually the ones who have an insatiable desire of exploring new techniques, constantly acquiring culinary knowledge and displaying their talent through their extraordinary gastronomic skills. We would like to present a great Master Chef of the Gastronomy world today.

Meet Chef Antonio Tardi, Executive Chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru. Responsible for hotel’s entire culinary operations, a great coach & trainer to his team, Honorary Inductee for Italian Cuisine Master Chef (ICMC) at Barilla Academy, Italy and Master Chef, World Gourmet Summit, Las Vegas Nevada. Honoured with a gold medal for “good food” in the Touring Club Restaurants of Italy guide at Ristorante Vinodivino.

Executive Chef Antonio Tardi

Extremely humble natured, a loving husband & a doting father to two kids, occasional biker, possesses incredibly vast work experience including working with restaurants with one-star & two-star Michelin & luxury hotels across Italy, France, Caribbean & Asia.

A vivid supporter of regional & seasonal produce who loves to know the cuisines from different cultures and his strength is to adapt & create something unique and sumptuous out of it. His creativity is always inspired by local ingredients & raw materials available to him, so his cuisine is constantly evolving.

“Only if you search, you will find” – Chef Antonio Tardi

Chef Tardi hails from Napoli, Italy. Right from a young age he was drawn towards the culinary world, watching his father cook meals for the family get-togethers. His father also happens to be the biggest inspiration for him who let him follow his dream instead of joining the family barbershop. Chef Tardi did his culinary education from L. De Medici, Ottaviano, Napoli and possesses a certification on food service management from Cornell.

His gastronomic journey started in his home town living at a farm but soon took him to Island of Capri where he worked with Chef Nazzareno Graziano Menghini and the Gualtiero Marchesi entourage. After that he got a lucky chance to move to the one-star Michelin Giannino di Milano where he was working alongside a great chef like Davide Oldani which helped a lot in enhancing his knowledge & skills both.

There after he got another lucky break to move to France and work at La Grande Cascade, again a one-star Michelin restaurant, got an exposure to work under Jean-Louis Nomicos who is well-known as one of the best disciples of Alain Ducasse. This opportunity gave him an exposure of classic & modern French cuisine. Chef Tardi’s continuous exceptional skills & a dedication got him another great opportunity at at the two-star Michelin San Domenico restaurant, he moved to Imola which helped him in greatly improving his classical Italian cuisine and got him a chance to work alongside chef Valentino Mercatilli.

PicMonkey Collage CAT3

He mastered the art of pastry knowledge & skills at Padova when he started working for Luigi Biasetto, a world class pastry chef. Apart from this, he also worked at different locales in Italy like Arezzo,  where he was honoured with a gold medal for the “good food” in the Touring Club  Restaurants of Italy guide at Ristorante Vinodivino, then at Tuscany where he worked at the most exclusive luxury relais, Villa Arceno, situated in the heart of the Chianti and lastly at Romagna where he worked as Executive Chef with one of the oldest classic hotels, Hotel Pino.

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Chef Tardi was already a very well established & well experienced chef at this stage of his professional journey and was ready to venture ahead into bigger arenas, he accepted a great opportunity to work with Sandals Resorts International which established him to be a team member in the World’s best luxurious hotel & resort chains.

After a long stretch of five years, Antonio Tardi moved on to join Shangri La Hotel first in Taipei where he got deeply interested & involved with the Asian cuisine. He later moved to Shangri La Bengaluru.

“I will never cease to discover new places, new people, and new cuisine.” – Chef Antonio Tardi

I have met many great chefs but when I met Chef Antonio Tardi, it was a very pleasant experience talking to him, he took us through his gastronomic journey so far but it clearly showed his passion at each step. In a nutshell Chef Tardi describes his life as “Farm to Fork” life. We are extremely fortunate to have Chef Tardi in Bengaluru, if you wish to enjoy his creations, then all you need to do is to visit Shangri La Hotel.

PicMonkey Collage shangri la1

This super chefs favourite ingredients for cooking are olive oil, garlic, basil & tomatoes, truly Italian at heart he loves seafood and light & healthy food and above all, he loves his Italian food. He likes very much his mother’s cooking and likes the standard menu she prepares for him of corn fish, stir fry bell peppers, artichokes cooked straight on charcoal, roast & dumplings which he enjoys along with a glass of Red wine every time he visits his home town.

Being a true simpleton, Chef Tardi hopes to go back at some point of time to his farm and settle there finally, do farming & spend quality time with his family.

Having such a great culinary experience, extremely talented, with sheer dedication and culinary skills, enthusiasm & deep desire to create most incredible cuisine, Chef Antonio Tardi will always be a huge inspiration to the new comers in this industry, his advice to them is to always be humble, open minded and start from basics & reach the top in due course of time.

Cheers Chef Antonio Tardi!


Post By: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Shangri La Hotel, Bengaluru

Shangri La Hotel address: No 56-6B Palace Road, Bengaluru, 560052, India
T:(91 80) 4512 6100

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