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Prodigiously & Progressively Talented: Chef Sriram Aylur


Cooking is an art & a way of expression. We all are every day cooks in our kitchens but to master this art, is not every one’s choice, fate or destiny. The gastronomic world has become a very happening place now days. More & more people are drawn towards becoming a chef, it is now considered as one of the most glamorous jobs but the moment you step into a chefs life, it becomes crystal clear as to how much hard work, dedication, passion, self strength and self motivation is needed to succeed & come out as a true winner. We would like to present one such winner today.

Meet Chef Sriram Aylur, Chef & Director Operations at Michelin Star Restaurant – Quilon, London, by Taj International Hotels Limited, Master of Southern Indian coastal cuisine who could successfully blend the traditional south west Indian coastal cuisine with modern one, honoured as one of the top 5 chefs in India by the Telegraph. Some one who is very humble with a positive attitude & strong progressive thinking and is highly passionate about food knowledge.

“I remember being fascinated by the smell and aromas which used to come from the kitchen – it was my first love” – Sriram Aylur


Sriram Aylur’s gastronomic journey started from his home itself, when he was greatly influenced by his father, working in his restaurant, he was so inspired that food became his first love. The choice of pursuing the restaurant line enhanced after joining his father’s restaurant & getting first hand knowledge & understanding of food & catering business.

He became so passionate about food that he went on to study at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition giving up his law studies. Sriram’s exceptional talent landed him a job with the luxurious Taj Group of Hotels, Resorts & Palaces. With his ultimate passion for food knowledge & extraordinary skills he soon reached the rank of an Executive Chef at the Gateway Hotel Bangalore, where he conceived  and started the Karavali Restaurant and made the ethnic food taste so great without compromising on the original authentic recipes, that Karavali became of the most sought after restaurants in India.

“I am quite confident in South-west Indian cuisine because of its lightness and multi dimensional flavours” – Sriram Aylur

Sriram Aylur’s dedication and passion paid off as he won many accolades including a place for Karavali in the New Statesman’s top five restaurants in India in year 1995 and his name amongst the top five chefs in India, as rated by the Telegraph in year 1997.

His continued excellence in the gastronomy arena got him another golden opportunity when he was invited to open Quilon Restaurant in the heart of London but this opportunity also brought a huge challenge for him along with it, of presenting his south western Indian coastal cuisine to an entirely new audience who was completely unaccustomed & unfamiliar with the Indian cuisine.

PicMonkey Collage food

Well! Master chef Sriram accepted & handled the challenge so well that, with his hard work & his passionate & extraordinary culinary skills, Quilon has won a huge array of awards & accolades like Winner of Best Indian Restaurant Good Curry Guide Award, nominated as one of the five best restaurants in Time Out Food Guide, Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and above all Quilon was awarded the highly prestigious Michelin Star in year 2008, which they have retained till date.

Chef Sriram Aylur is the face & energetic spirit behind the Prestigious Michelin Star Restaurant Quilon, which is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of London, located next to Buckingham Palace and the House of Parliament.


The beautifully done interiors & exceptionally soothing ambience of this restaurant along with authentic modern southern Indian coastal cuisine using fresh ingredients & latest technology to retain the authentic flavours, simply takes the fine dining experience to a whole new level. Quilon offers healthy modern yet contemporary dishes with exquisite flavours, with seafood being its core specialty but it also offers meat, poultry & vegetarian dishes to cater to different varieties of diners.

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Quilon also offers Q BAR with the best of tantalising wines, beers & cocktails, perfectly suitable for pre dinner cocktails, casual drinks & special occasion drinks. Apart from the finest wine-dine experiences, Michelin Starred Quilon also offers Private Dining, ideally suitable for private parties, meetings or dinners where you can watch the chef cook too in the private kitchen.

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To relax and enjoy the best of the cuisine by great Chef Sriram Aylur, in a beautifully calm, comforting & soothing ambience, Quilon is just the right place to visit.

Prodigiously talented Chef Sriram Aylur’s hard work, dedication & passion for creating innovative dishes, his strong desire to present perfect south west coastal Indian cuisine with his exceptional culinary skills, ever progressive nature, his quest for attaining the knowledge about food is a great inspiration to all the new entrants in the culinary world. Cheers Chef Sriram Aylur!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Quilon


Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AF

Telephone: 0207 821 1899


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