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Its every one’s inner desire to be appreciated in all walks of life, personal or professional but it happens a lot that people miss out on great opportunities due to some habit or personality traits. Do you some times wonder if it was possible that some magical figure comes and creates the perfect world for us? Well! This is exactly where an Image Consultant (IC) play a vital role to help realize ones dreams.

In spite of being relatively new to India, Image Consulting has become quite trendy now days, one does not necessarily need to be a public figure or a celebrity to take IC sessions, its easily available to a common man and we can see a big rise in the number of individuals or corporates going for it for their own benefit or their employees benefits.

So who exactly are Image consultants & what exactly is their job? In a nutshell, Image consultancy is a service industry where in, an IC upgrades your image in every manner. It can help you project a very powerful & winning impression for your ownself personally & professionally both. If you would like to showcase your highest potential and overcome your flaws, that you might have in your behaviour, communication or appearance, then you definitely need an image consultant. There are many IC’s available around but I happen to know one of the best one in this industry.

Meet Ridhima Roy Burman, owner of Purple Patch, an Image Consultant and life skills coach. A very fine, humble, highly talented,a beautiful young woman, hailing from Bengal but located in Bengaluru, surging with self confident, a true humanitarian and some one who understands how to conduct oneself well in every circumstance at all times, who understands the requirement of her clients well and firmly & seriously believes in confidentiality of her clients too, she is some one, who has helped a lot of people to emerge much happier, stronger & confident after attending her sessions.

Professionally well educated in Soft Skills Training and Image Consulting, she can transform your personality in such a beautiful manner that people around you will appreciate you more than ever, which will definitely boost your ego and make you feel special & important. More than this she helps her clients gain such a lot of self confidence that they will feel highly confident to conquer all odds around them. One look at Ridhima and you will strongly feel that, she is just the right soft skills trainer & Image consultant to give a perfect image & personality makeover.


We talked to Ridhima and tried to understand in detail about IC & soft skills field, its scope and her thoughts about it, we would like to share the same with our viewers today so that more & more people know her & the tremendous work she is doing and understand the necessity & importance of Image Consulting in today’s world to succeed. Take a peek in her thoughts via this interview & we are sure it will leave you absolutely amazed –

Q: Was there anything that you thought you wanted to do before you got into Image Consulting? What prompted you to get into Image Consulting?

A: Immediately after the completion of my BBM programme, i was offered a role at Goldman Sachs as an analyst. It was during the stint at Goldman that i realised the importance of Image and soft skills in an individuals life in order to be successful. This is what led me to pursue a professional course in Soft skills Training and Image Consulting.

Q: What is your definition of Image Consulting? How are you different than other Image consultants?

A: Image is a part of who we are .It is us in the eyes and minds of others. Image consulting for me, is about enabling people to be the best version of themselves and empowering them to project an Authentic, Attractive and Appropriate image.

Today, I find a lot of people mistaking image consultancy with fashion consultancy. Even though clothing and grooming is an important tool of non verbal communication, for me- image management is much more than that. It is a beautiful blend of one’s values, attitude, energy, ideas, intellect, imagination, clothing, appearance, body language, personality and communication skills. It is about working on a persons image from the inside out.

Q: How does Image Consulting help a person? Is it expensive to take Image consulting classes?

A: We live in an era where technology has become so advanced that information is available to each one of us at the tip of two fingers. The only thing that differentiates us from the rest of the crowd is how people perceive us to be. Repercussions of the impression that we make on others has therefore become crucial.  These impressions are not tangible like technology or the profile of people, which generally weaves around their academic qualification and experience and exposure. However this impacts everything to follow in a BIG way. Unfortunately this is an area where many loose out and that’s when an Image consultant steps in.

By the end of the sessions, my clients not only display a significant improvement in self image, but also self esteem, self confidence and self competence. This is a guaranteed formula to successfully achieve their personal, social and professional goals.

The best investment is the one that you make on yourself! If you understand the benefits that these classes can bring into your life, I can guarantee that you won’t think of it as an expensive proposition at all.

Q: What is it that you really enjoy about your work most?

A: The most satisfying result of my work is the relationship that I am able to build with my clients. There are very few things in life which can make you as happy as the feeling of being able to help somebody unleash his/her true potential. I love to see the transformation that people display through these sessions and one thing that I truly love about this field is to watch them achieve incredible feats in life.

Q: What all topics are included in your sessions?

A: The sessions are typically divided into two broad categories. After a detailed need analysis, clients are advised to take the most suited sessions for a holistic improvement in their image.

The two categories are as follows:

1.   Life and Soft Skills

  • Presentation skills
  • Selling skills
  • Transactional analysis
  • Body Language
  • Personal Branding for Success
  • Leadership skills
  • Vocal and Verbal Communication skills
  • Interview skills
  • Inter-Personal skills
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Customer Service skills
  • Smart time management
  • Stress management
  • Effective conflict management
  • Negotiation skills

2.       Appearance Management

  • Business Dressing
  • International Style Scale
  • Dressing as per Body Shape
  • Dressing as per personal colour
  • Dressing as per personal Style
  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene
  • Make up for women
  • Cross Cultural Sensitivity
  • Dining Etiquette
  • General and Business Etiquette
  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe Evaluation

Q: Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments to share?

A: Hahaha.. Oh I have memorable moments like these with every single client. It is bound to happen when you interact with people over a period of time. Lets just say that they are very well kept secrets!

Q: What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to do in your job?

A: As consultants, we often come across clients who are extremely rigid in their opinions. At such times, it is crucial to remember two things:

  1. You can only help somebody who understands that he/she has scope for development.
  2. People sometimes display these resistances because of past experiences, education or environment.

Q: Are there anything new that you teach in your curriculum?

A: The field of image consulting is quite novel in itself. I think that it’s the training delivery method which sets you apart from anyone else. I train with the belief that “doing is learning” and therefore most of my trainings are conducted based on the guided principles of Accelerated, Experiential and Adult Learning.

Q: What are your Food & Fashion choices?

A: I live to eat and truly believe that nutrition is the foundation of health and that eating well does not have to be a sacrifice! My personal favourite would be Bengali Cuisine. When it comes to Fashion, I believe in Appropriate, Attractive, Authentic and Affordable dressing!

After meeting & talking to Ridhima and understanding the necessity of going through image consulting, we can simply say that what an awesome job she is doing in helping the people to become better & better. She is a true inspiration to all the young & ambitious people stepping in this fast growing field and her advice to them would only be to “Keep it real” !  and remember that it should always be Mastery before Momentum !

If you wish to get a personality upgrade, simply follow your heart & get in touch with Ridhima, who will surely do wonders for you. We wish her all the very best. Cheers Ridhima Roy Burman!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Ridhima Roy Burman (Owner Purple Patch)

Purple Patch Address: 23/3 ANZ Residency Benson Cross Road, Benson Town, Bangalore 560046

Telephone number: +91-9886556294


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  1. I know Ridhima very well.. She is a strong and a rational person. I believe she can help change anyone’s personality just by chatting with her over a cup of tea.


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