Month: February 2016

Fisherman Catch

Fisherman catch is a catchy name and one would immediately think it as some fresh fish, freshly cooked too on the plate to savour, well it is another wonderful dish from Celebrity chef Sriram Aylur of Michelin star Restaurant – Quilon, London. This is basically Curry Leaf and […]

Stuffed Quail Legs

There are some dishes which are every day dishes cooked in our kitchen and then there are some which are gourmet dishes and normally we go to a fine dine restaurant and enjoy them, but if you can have a recipe from a master chef for such dish […]

Papdi Channa Chaat

In India, we all love chaat. Well its delicious, spicy & something we all can never get over with but it was really nice to see our chaat doing so well in other countries as well. Of course the chefs have to adjust the taste slightly as per […]

Food Maestro: Chef Peter Joseph

Any chef working with a Michelin Starred restaurant on one side has an edge over many of his peers in the industry and on the other side has a huge responsibility to maintain & retain the Michelin Star status. Meet Chef Peter Joseph, Head Chef at Tamarind of […]