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Unravelling the Diversities of Indian Cuisine: Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila

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Some people choose & aim to become chefs, some become chefs just by chance and there are others who become associated with culinary skills at a young age and hence, it becomes a natural choice for them to become a chef and lastly there are people who become successful chefs but posses an unstoppable passion, till they attain the status of Master chef or a Celebrity chef. Today we would like to present one such talented chef.

Meet Saransh Goila, Youngest Celebrity chef of India, a very down-to-earth & humble person, dynamic personality, incredibly passionate about acting & cooking, winner of “Food Food Maha Challenge” in year 2011 which was hosted by Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor & Actor Madhuri Dixit. Had been Brand Ambassador of Bergner, Austria. Anchor & Chef consultant for Food Food TV channel, had been a food columnist with Discover India magazine. Host of a web series “The Spice Traveller” and has been a part of Lenovo’s unique digital campaign.

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Out of his numerous achievement till now, one of the best one has been,  India’s biggest food travelogue show “Roti, Rasta aur India” where he had to travel 20,000 kms. by road in 100 days across the length & breath of India to discover and bring forward India’s unique regional food heritage, which cemented his position & name firmly in the Limca book of records in year 2014 and also in the culinary world. Chef Saransh not only has an in-depth understanding of Indian contemporary cuisine but is also quite well versed with Italian cuisine, bakery & confectionary.

Author of a best seller cook book “India on my Platter” which became a part of IAAC Lit Fest 2015 where Saransh was a guest along side great authors like Salman Rushdie. He has been fortunate and done numerous food styling assignments with highly renowned ad-film maker Prahlad Kakkar.

saransh book

Saransh hails from Pitampura,Delhi, India and right from his young days, he was identified as a curious learner and strongly drawn towards food on one hand but was equally drawn towards having an acting career on the other hand. To pursue both his passions, Saransh did his graduation from Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad (Taj group of Hotels) and his Bachelors degree in Culinary Arts. He worked with prestigious hotel like Taj Group & Leela Kempinski but he did not want to give up on his other passion of acting, so joined Barry John Acting Studio and learnt about acting, camera & theatre.

At this point in life Saransh was ready to venture deeper into the culinary world. With his unstoppable quest to discover & promote Indian cuisine, he anchored and also featured in many prestigious cooking and TV programs. People knowing him have started pointing out similarities between him & Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Being a chef is, already quite a difficult task but to be a chef and also to travel across the country for 20,000 kms by road in 100 days, to provide a sustainable platform to India’s rich food heritage, is a mammoth task. Only a very few can think of taking up such a challenge but Chef Saransh took it and came out a true winner. Chef Saransh’s incredible road journey was all about exploring the regional cuisine, visiting rural India, meeting with families in the remotest of places, knowing & adapting their food culture and then trying to cook something great as per the local tastes on the go. His on-the-road culinary show has landed him trying his limits sometimes and getting engaged in executing impossible tasks and making them look easy like cooking 2000 kilos of dal (lentil curry) at Anandpur Sahib (place of worship).

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To get an insight into Chef Saransh’s road journey, watch this!

Saransh’s fame has also come to him by some unique ways too, like he felt that people of Mumbai were looking for some delicious North Indian dishes, one of them being butter chicken and as he is a strong believer of networking so he started inviting people over to his place and treating them with delicious butter chicken and soon this recipe starting trending and became well known, he is now very famous for his Butter Chicken recipe which is even attained a name of “Koyla Goila Butter Chicken”. A true believer of maintaining & preserving the old Indian cooking techniques but simplifying them to become adaptable for modern cuisine.

With a heart of a chef, his love for acting, exceptionally innovative vision, tremendous hard work, his immense networking skills and his strong passion for travelling & interacting with people, Chef Saransh has achieved a lot at a young age to become the Youngest Indian Celebrity Chef, has gained immense fame & success but has had his share of hardships too on the road to success, he is definitely a fast rising star of Indian culinary world, for whom sky is the limit. He is a true inspiration for the new comers & aspiring chefs, who want to be in his place one day.

Cheers Chef Saransh!


Post By: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Chef Saransh Goila


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