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Architect of Sublime Flavors: Chef Hari Ghotra


Anyone who loves cooking knows the hardships of the gastronomic world. Over the years as a chef admirer, I have become seriously fixated with knowing & understanding the intricacies and the difficulties that a female chef encounters as compared to her male counterparts and I am absolutely astonished to see some of the lady chefs who, face all the odds to compete in this arena and become highly successful. Today we would like to present a great lady chef who is a celebrity figure too.

Meet Hari Ghotra, an iron willed & self made lady chef who loves cooking with her heart & whose life’s biggest passion now is to teach one & all, how to cook authentic Indian food. She was born & brought up in Wolverhampton, UK in a traditional Indian Sikh family. A very humble lady entrepreneur, very charming with a beautiful smile, married and a doting mother of two lovely kids, she is a food microbiologist turned chef with a Masters degree in Marketing management, she works with Tamarind Collection of restaurants including the Michelin Star Restaurant, Tamarind of Mayfair & trained under head chef Peter Joseph.With her continued dedication and hard work Hari will join the team at Tamarind Kitchen as a chef this Spring. A great culinary instructor & coach who conducts her cooking classes and reaches to millions of culinary art lovers through her online cookery portal with the help of a digital marketing agency called Jellyfish which gave her the exposure as a chef she had so eagerly wanted.


Hari started cooking first at home watching her mother cook and soon she realised that cooking was her first love too. Hari’s main stream cooking is Indian food and usage of Indian spices. She deeply understood & studied the art of Indian cookery techniques, the use and importance of spices to bring out the perfect & most authentic flavours.

PicMonkey Collage hari2

Once she developed the passion of cooking, there was no stopping Hari, as she went on to do a lot of supper clubs & pop-up at restaurants. Looking at the response Hari got from her family, friends & guests around, she was talking a lot about food to them and giving them valuable cooking tips which they were seeking from her. This kicked the idea for sharing her culinary knowledge with as many people as possible and Hari started her online cooking classes and started demonstrating the technique and cooking methods, sharing her recipes with others through her videos. In a nutshell Hari has given an online portal via all digital media platforms, to all those who love authentic Indian cuisine and would like to engage in cooking them as well. Her aim is to teach cooking authentic Indian food to one & all in the right way.

PicMonkey Collage hari1

Hari Ghotra’s started her cookery classes by going to peoples home and teach them cooking in the comfort of their own homes but now she does the same through digital platforms. Her main effort is to bring out & teach the positives of Indian cooking, to show that Indian cooking is more about freshly cooked food which is healthy and delicious, she likes to teach & help people cook the Indian food and get the most authentic flavours they look for. To teach how to cook, seems and looks easy if you are a every day cook but it actually needs a lot of effort, patience and ability to project & explain the recipe in the easiest way possible, which actually is Hari’s greatest strengths. To know her abilities to teach and learn from her, best is to take a look at one of the many youtube videos for her recipes.

Chef Hari Ghotra is a strong lady who has attained name, fame & her Celebrity status with her sheer hard work, incredible passion for her work. She is a true promoter of healthy Indian home cooked food. She is a big inspiration to the young chefs & entrepreneurs, who would also like to move on the same path as her.

Cheers Chef Hari Ghotra!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Hari Ghotra


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