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Featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2016: Chef Vinesh Johny

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We all grow up dreaming about the profession we will choose or adopt once we are adults. Some people are lucky that they can become exactly what they have been wanting to do & dreaming about in their childhood but a lot of people finally end up accepting some other profession which later becomes their fate and a part of their lives.

Till few years back, the general trend was that people used to slowly rise in their respective careers and reach the top levels at a later stage of life but nowadays the trend has completely changed and we come across a lot of very young successful entrepreneurs. Today we would like to present some one who is great chef & a highly successful entrepreneur too.

Meet Vinesh Johny, Executive Pastry Chef at the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts, Bangalore, highly successful & talented young entrepreneur. Co-founder of Lavonne Academy, India’s first international specialised baking academy (affiliated to City & Guilds, London) and head of academics at Lavonne Academy too. Owner of an award winning patisserie under the same brand and over & above everything else, has now the huge honour of featuring in the inaugural ‘Forbes 30 under 30 Asia’ list for 2016 in the Arts category and making India proud.


Vinesh comes from Bangalore, India and did his initial education from this city only. Right from the age of 9, he started helping out his father in the kitchen with cooking chores as his mom was away working in Middle East. He liked cooking but decided to study gastronomy only after one of his friend advised him to do so, a few years later. This decision completely changed his life for good. After finishing his culinary education, he interned at the Oberoi under Pastry Chef Deep. At this point of life, Vinesh was clear that being pastry chef was the most suitable life for him, which he enjoyed and loved very much. He then went on to join the Starwood Group of Hotels & Resorts working at both places in various capacities. After that, as he wanted to master the pastry art so he went on to do his Diploma is Sugar Art and Wedding cake decoration at Feves the Choco Creation of Pastry Fine Arts, Malaysia. All the hard work & his culinary education paid off, as he became one of the best pastry art masters.

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Vinesh was good in beverage area too and was under dilemma to choose pastry or beverages as his mainstream but the then his pastry teacher, Avin Thaliath saw his real potential & advised him to follow the path of Pastry Chef. This was one of the most memorable moments of his life and he is fortunate that Avin Thaliath is now a co-founder at Lavonne with him.

Being a real entrepreneur by nature, with a dream of placing India amongst the countries which are well-known for pursuing pastry art as a profession or a passion, Vinesh thought of doing something more than being just a Pastry Chef and set up Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts at Bangalore,India. Lavonne offers world class education in the field of pastry art & baking science, to its students to specialise in this field. Vinesh being the head of academics, engages with the students and often holds Master classes. He believes in simple yet modern way of cooking. The name of this prestigious academy denotes immortal Yew Tree. At Lavonne, Vinesh’s constant efforts are to impart a holistic coaching in this field and to prepare their students to become excellent pastry chefs & hospitality geniuses. Lavonne started the academy with just 3 students and now almost 96 students pass out each year. He also engages with other Master chefs across other countries, for them to hold their Master classes at Lavonne.

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Vinesh strongly feels that being a pastry chef is one of the most satisfying jobs in spite of every day challenges they face in the kitchen each day. He feels that in a pastry kitchen a person can turn into an artist, a painter or a sculptor giving shapes to your ideas. He gains his inspiration from everything around him for preparing the best of pastry. He loves to make pies and loves to work with chocolate. He is a real Master of Pastry Art. I have personally seen his creations being displayed at various international chef portals.

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His whole life revolves around pastry & Lavonne and his passion & mission now is to make Lavonne recognised world over as a true International Standard Academy. He trains & coaches his students, counsels them, look into the management work of the academy too, conducts assessments and more than anything else loves to spend some of his time creating the most wonderful desserts for his patisserie. His business philosophy is to give more & get more but his personal pastry philosophy and something that he truly believes in and practices himself – just to be oneself and to completely enjoy doing and have fun while doing it.

Vinesh has managed to achieve great heights at a very young age, has brought such a great laurel for the country and has done a great service to our nation by setting up such a world class pastry arts & baking science academy so that Indian students can also benefit out of it now and become successful like their peers in other nations and we Bangaloreans are of course extremely delighted to have a world class patisserie in our city. We are proud of you!

Vinesh is truly an inspiration to young chefs & entrepreneurs, for them to understand that with sheer hard work and strong will, they can also turn their dreams into reality and succeed. Vinesh has the dream to make Lavonne the best academy in the world. We wish him all the success.

Cheers Chef Vinesh Johny!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Vinesh Johny

Lavonne Academy & Patisserie address: 151, 2nd Cross, Domlur 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071, Phone:097405 44442



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