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“From Birmingham To Bombay” – The Master Ambassador: Celebrity Chef Alan Coxon

Alan at Taj Mahal

Chefs have a lot of power in their hands as they can bring out the best of emotions in any one’s heart by creating the most amazing food. Becoming a chef is possible but becoming a highly successful chef is not at an easy task. Like it is, true to any other profession, chefs too have their share of struggles and challenges. Those who posses a strong passion for food & overcome all the adversities of this profession, only come out as winners and get applauded. Out of this lot, some of them push themselves to the limits and they are ones who are ultimately known as “the Greats of the Culinary world” and become so highly popular that they attain “Celebrities Chefs” status.  Today we are happy to present a Celebrity Chef, who can be best described as a Chef of many roles & faces.

Meet Chef Alan Coxon, a world renowned Chef and TV presenter, author of several internationally acclaimed cookbooks. An entrepreneur and a creator of award winning food range. British Ambassador for food & drinks, earned himself a title of Food Archaeologist, culinary consultant, international culinary judge, food and travel writer for national & international magazines, host of many well-known TV shows and ranked amongst the top 10 TV Chefs of the world by BBC World. Multi award winner. A well-known leader in his field and well respected by his peers and TV media.

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Alan is from Derbyshire, UK. At a very young age of 12, he had moved to France and fell in love with the French cuisine which prompted him to take on chef’s profession. After a few years, he got back to UK where he finished his schooling and underwent a formal catering course. Deeply influenced by French & Mediterranean cuisines, upon completion of his formal culinary education, he took started his professional journey at the famous Loews Hotel, Monte Carlo. There after he worked with many prestigious hotel & restaurants including Michelin Starred Foie Gras restaurant, where he was regularly catering for the celebrities like Monaco`s Royalty, Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Princess Antoinette, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis jr. etc.

Alan briefly returned to UK and ventured on his own and opened his restaurant which he later sold. After a short stint in UK, Alan was back in France, this time working as a Head Chef with Newport Bay Hotel in Paris. He led a big team of 63 chefs catering to almost 3000 people a day. There after Alan took the assignment of a Chef Lecturer at the Hull College Catering dept. After this Alan became the Executive Chef at the Baxter’s of Speyside where he opened many culinary shows and set up catering operations which were highly successful.

PicMonkey Collage alan1

With a vast experience at hand and being well recognized, there was no looking back for Alan at this stage of life. He went on do a lot of TV shows, almost 1250 shows till date including very famous one’s like “From Birmingham to Bombay” (Food network, UK), “Ever wondered about food” (BBC2), Coxon’ Sporting feast (BBC Worldwide & DSTV), Coxon’s Royal feast” (BBC Food, DSTV worldwide) and many more.


Alan is a world famous author of some well known cookbooks like “Ready in Minutes” & “Singles, Separated and Divorced” and two cookbooks entitled “Birmingham to Bombay” which has won the Best British Food & Travel award and is nominated for Gourmand World Book awards 2016.

AlanGuadalajara-29 (1)

Alan has been an international judge at many national & international culinary programs & events, had won numerous accolades & awards, has been guest speaker & host at various reputed events and award ceremonies. He got another feather in his cap when this highly talented & highly skilled Chef was invited at 10, Downing Street and the Prim Minister of Britain to assist with the international Great Britain campaign to promote food & tourism acting as an Ambassador.


Alan has created a “British Balsamic” Ale-Gar which is a multi award winning & highly popular product in UK and is a historic Roma vinegar using herbs available in that era. Alan has a deep understanding of historic culinary knowledge which he displays during his TV shows and at events and his passion for local & fresh ingredients has earned him a title of “Food Archeologist”

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Alan is highly talented and its not easy to summarise all his achievements in a single article but I would like to talk about his TV series “Birmingham to Bombay” where he has travelled to India, learned, taught and worked with some of our great Indian Chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor. He also understood & appreciated our culture of community kitchen, like the kitchen of the Golden Temple, Amritsar, where food is cooked everyday in bulk for almost 100,000 people each day.

Chef Alan Coxon is truly a great chef who is an epitome of food diplomacy, a very humble personality, highly skilled & talented and a true culinary genius. He is very committed to the food industry and loves to share his knowledge with others. He is a big inspiration to a lot many chefs and the new comers planning to join this industry.

Cheers Chef Alan!

Post by Parul Khanna / appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Chef Alan Coxon

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