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Enhance Your Persona with Image Savvy Consultant: STYLE WORKS


We are living in a highly competitive world. Some times we get only one chance to succeed whether it is in our professional world or in our personal world. The fear of failure is one of the worst kinds and it makes a lot of people shy away from taking up challenges either professionally or personally. So, now the big question is, would you like to let go of the opportunities that life presents or project a winning image.

The obvious choice for us is to face the challenges of life, emerge a winner in front of our competitors and sustain ourselves well in any environment. Our success, though depends a lot on people around us, how they will perceive & gauge us. Our education, family values, experiences do matter a lot in presenting ourselves to the world but we have to create a winning “first impression” on others. This helps us win half the battle already and increase our acceptance levels largely in our society.

Its human nature to try and project their best image in front of others, people buy the best of designer outfits, look out for best beauty & weight loss treatments, be at their behaviour & portray the best attitude but still sometimes doing our “best” is not enough. In spite of making every effort at your end, if you are still struggling to project the perfect persona and still failing short in presenting a perfect personal brand statement in front of others, then you definitely need help. This is where the Image consultants come into picture, they can completely enhance your personality in every possible manner and help you build a positive impression on people around you. They help you create that “winning first impression” which in turn helps in enhancing your self esteem & personality.

“One life to live, why not present yourself well” – Style Works

Till some time back, this profession was non-existent in India but since last few years we started knowing & hearing about it. Although it is still growing field but nowadays is catching up fast & there is a huge surge in people & companies understanding its need and requiring the services of image consultants. There are many image consultants around but it always pays to be coached or trained by the best of the best. One of consulting firms –  STYLE WORKS comes highly recommended for their services.

STYLE WORKS is owned by Sonia Pardesi and Sangeeta Kumar. Both are very smart, well educated, modern, incredibly gorgeous ladies.  They are extremely humble and highly sensitive in regards to their client’s confidentiality and above all they are highly dedicated towards their profession. Although these co-owners come from different back grounds but they have the same thought process and share a firm belief in their institution and their way of working. They studied image consulting from the same institute. This highly passionate and hard working duo has already done wonders with many of clients by helping them gain self confidence & self esteem. They truly understand that it’s a visual world, people form an opinion about a person from the very first impression they get, so they believe in a holistic approach to make people understand how to present themselves well in every sphere of life so that they have an edge over others.


We did a short interview with them and would like to share the same as it gives an insight into their ideas, their positive nature and abundant energy to help others attain a better life:

Q 1: Was there anything that you thought you wanted to do before you got into Image Consulting? What prompted you to get into Image Consulting?

A: We came from different backgrounds, I was in public Relations (Sonia) and Sangeeta had her own Kindergarten school. Both of us also were in Corporate Training. Image Consulting was a culmination of our interests and skills.

Q 2: What is your definition of Image Consulting?

A: Image Consulting is the Art and Science of making people look better. We are in the Business of making people look better.

Q: How does Image Consulting help a person?

A: Image Consulting gives you an edge over others by presenting you in the best way possible. Much introspection into a clients lifestyle roles and goals results in a customized solution aimed at working on areas which need improvement.

Q: What is it that you really enjoy about your work most?

A: With every satisfied, or rather a transformed client, it gives us an impetus to reach out to more individuals seeking the need to refine and better themselves in every aspect of their lives. This gives us immense happiness.

Q: What all topics do you cover in your sessions?

A: We cover different modules related to dressing (for your body shape, color, lifestyle and personal style), Make Up and Grooming (Visual and Vocal presentation), Styling, Body Language, Personal Shopping, Branding and other strategic communication skills.

Q: How are you different than other image consultants?

A: For that you will have to come to Studio Style works;-))

Q:  What advice would you give to a young, ambitious people who are just starting out in this industry?

A: Your first stop is an Image check at Style Works. Now you are ready to go;-)

Q: Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments to share?

A: Life does have its fair share of whacky moments But it wouldn’t be fair to share.

Q: Are there anything new that you teach in your curriculum?

A: How to be the best….The best you can be!

Q: What are your personal Food & Fashion choices?

A : We are foodies…In fact we were thinking of becoming Food Critics ourselves.. We figured it would be putting our globe trotting culinary experiences to ‘food’ use;-))))..Just kidding Parul!!

When it comes to our own fashion choices, we are the bold and the beautiful!…Our tastes range from the classic to feminine, to dramatic…

Cheers to Sonia & Sangeeta!


Post by: Parul Khanna

Picture courtesy: Sonia Pardesi / Sangeeta Kumar


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  1. Styleworks is the place to go when it comes to one’s Image. They help you discover yourself and take on life with a new confidence and panache! Highly recommended.
    Thank you for sharing this article Appybistro!


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