Mango Lassi


Lassi is very famous yoghurt drink from India, the original one is done with plain yoghurt mixed with sugar but there are different version now and one of the most popular one is the Mango Lassi version. Frozen mango yoghurt drink, Celebrity Chef Hari Ghotra’s  recipe is a great one. This drink is a super cooler recipe for summers.

All you need to do is to blend the mango & yoghurt and enjoy a top summer cooler. Its healthy and incredibly refreshing in summer heat. Try this!


Mango – 1 (peeled, stoned & chopped)

Greek yoghurt – 4 tablespoons

Splash of cold milk

Sugar – 3 teaspoon or to taste

Ice cubes – 1 handful

Cardamom powder – sprinkle


  • Put the yoghurt, milk, mango, sugar, ice into a blender and blitz until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into a tumbler and sprinkle with some cardamom powder.

Note: Enjoy a chilled glass of mango lassi, totally refreshing & healthy.

Happy Drinking!!

Recipe & Picture courtesy: Chef Hari Ghotra


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