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Dessert Affair of a Crowned Beauty: Chef Lauren Adkins


We hear a lot of stories that sometimes life takes a crazy turn and we find ourselves in a completely different world. It happens for some people who are able to follow their passion or their choice of profession.

Lauren Adkins, Pastry Chef, she is an incredibly gorgeous, highly humble, generous person. She is a well-known model and TV personality who has attended New York Film Academy. She was crowned Miss Texas US Supranational 2015 and won many hearts and enjoys a huge fan following. She is involved in a lot of charity work and is a true humanitarian too.


Lauren hails from Texas, after gaining great popularity, this beauty queen decided to follow her heart and wanted to become a pastry chef and she did it beautifully. She graduated with honours from Culinary Institute LeNotre in the Baking and Pastry Art. Presently she works as a pastry Chef at the Houston Racquet Club & loves to bake apart from doing her charity works & managing a big fan base.

It is a big change for Lauren but her love for pastry is not new to her, she became fond of it at a very early age as her grand mother had a tea room and she used to watch her take care of it.  She is a great inspiration for every one achieve what is really dear to their hearts. How ever difficult the path is, if you decide to follow your passion & dreams, then it is possible to do so and she has proved it. She gets her inspiration from everything around her and likes to create gorgeous & delicious pastries & cakes.


This beauty pageant winner is large hearted and in spite of being extremely happy to be a pastry chef and following her ultimate passion, she still ensures that she is associated & actively involved with charities and causes that she supports. She is hands-on-work with numerous charities and non-profit organisations including domestic abuse awareness & American Cancer Society etc.

Lauren could have easily led an incredibly glamorous life but she chose a life of hard work. Right now Lauren has entered a new phase in her life and is trying to learn and become a great pastry chef. She is a very strong woman who had the courage to follow her heart & dream and made a great effort to study the Baking and Pastry Art. She made the best possible efforts and came out with flying colours. She had the honour of being a guest star at TV show “Great Day Houston with Ms. LeNotre. She feels fortunate enough to work for an amazing Executive Chef and mentor who started as a Pastry Chef and is a Master Chocolatier.

Being comparatively new to the pastry world, she feels that people should follow their dream, never give up and continue to learn and train with every opportunity they have or get. She strongly believes that one never stops learning.


Well, we feel its highly appropriate to say that “if there is a will, there is a way” is the spirit with which Lauren is moving ahead in life.  Even though she has a huge fan following across the country but she is well grounded and stays always in touch with reality, this is her true character and her strength.

We wish Lauren Adkins all the very best and we are very sure that in short time she will be a very well-established Pastry Chef too.

Cheers Chef Lauren Adkins!


Post by Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Chef Lauren Adkins

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