Diced Watermelon Roasted with Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Banana Cream & Coconut Shortbread

Bruno dessert1

Are you longing for a great dessert dish, well here is one, which is not only grand in its name but in taste too. Celebrity Chef Bruno Pastorelli has shared a great watermelon recipe. Enriched with different flavours this dessert is incredibly delicious.

This Dessert is composed of Coconut shortbread, Passion fruit and banana cream, Watermelon roasted with vanilla and Milk chocolate and lime sorbet. Sounds incredible & complicated but is doable if the recipe is followed well, so try this!

Cook Time             Total Time                  Yields

30 mins                     30 mins                  4 Serving

Ingredients & Instructions:

Coconut shortbread

160  g  Unsalted butter

140  g  Granulated sugar

200  g  Flour

2  g  Fine salt

5  g  Baking powder

70  g  Egg yolks

100  g  Shredded coconut

SQ     Lemon extract

SQ     Vanilla extract

1ea    Lime zest blanched


Mix the butter and the sugar

Add the flour , salt and the baking powder.

Add the egg yolks, shredded coconut, extract and the blanched lime zest.


Passion fruit and banana cream

200  g  Frozen passion fruit puree

200  g  Frozen banana fruit puree

150  g  Whole eggs

100  g  Granulated sugar

2      Vanilla beans

1       Lime zest


Heat together the passion fruit and banana puree along with the lime zest and the vanilla beans.

Mix together the whole eggs with the sugar, and cook like a pastry cream.

Keep refrigerated.


Milk chocolate and lime sorbet

1000  g  Water

100  g  Granulated sugar

125  g  Inverted sugar

10  g  Anticristalised

10  g  Super structure stabilizer

400  g  Milk chocolate

1      Lime zest


Heat at 85°c water, sugar, inverted sugar, lime zest, anticristalized and super structure stabiliser.

Add chocolate couverture, stir, let cool down, churn.


Vanilla roasted watermelon:

Cut the watermelon in rectangular pieces.

Cover the watermelon with a mix of sugar and vanilla powder. Roast at low fire in a non stick pan without any fat. Put on a plate right away

Note: This incredibly delicious fruity dessert is all ready, Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe & picture courtesy: Celebrity Chef Bruno Pastorelli (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)


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