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Chocolate based dessert recipes are always a treat for all chocolate lovers. It becomes much better, if it is a gorgeous looking dessert on your plate, can’t wait to have it then. Well, today we have another great recipe by Celebrity Chef Bruno Pastorelli where he has done wonders again and created a fabulous chocolate dessert.

If you follow the recipe exactly, this can be done at home and you will have a great chocolate dessert to serve, so try this!

Cook Time             Total Time                  Yields

30 mins                     30 mins                  4 Serving

Ingredients & Instructions:

Chocolate biscuit


1700 g   Whole eggs

1000 g   Caster sugar

1000 g   Flour

25 g   Baking powder

200 g   Cocoa powder

1500 g   Cream 35 %


Whisk together the whole eggs and the fine granulated sugar, add the flour, yeast powder and sifted cocoa powder.

Add the whipped cream.

Bake on silpat in a frame, 1300g of biscuit per frame.

Oven temperature 180°C for about 10 minutes.


Raspberry gel with seeds


500 g   Bake proof raspberry with seeds

500 g   Water

900 g   Caster sugar

500 g   Frozen sugared raspberry puree

80 g   Gelatine leaves

1000 g   Frozen raspberries


Heat together the raspberry with seeds, water, fine granulated sugar and raspberry puree.

Add the gelatine.

Add the frozen raspberries.

Heat the mixture to thaw the raspberries and to

Bind all the ingredients.

Pour into a frame over a “guitar sheet” and deep freeze.

Chocolate and raspberry sauce


1200 g    Cream 35%

800 g    Frozen  raspberry puree

1300 g    Dark chocolate 64%

600 g    Fine butter

450 g    Inverted sugar


Boil the cream and the raspberry puree together

Pour over the pieces of chocolate couverture.

Add the butter and the inverted sugar.

Divide by 3 = 1450g

Note: An incredibly tasty and absolutely gorgeous looking and irresistible dessert is ready, serve at your home dinners or parties, Bon Apatite!

Happy Cooking!!

Recipe & picture courtesy: Celebrity Chef Bruno Pastorelli (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)


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