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Discover the Vault of Heaven – Bhutan with Actor Kelly Dorji

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There are some places which don’t feature in the top travel destinations but are worth visiting. Bhutan happens to be just one of them.  The kingdom of Bhutan, also referred to as “The Forbidden Kingdom” sometimes is a country in South Asia at the end of Himalayas. The formal head of Bhutan is the King of Bhutan.

Bhutan is incredibly beautiful and highly scenic. Its full of natural beauty and its rich & colourful cultural heritage. It is seeking to become a high value destination. It has declared eight sights for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Although Bhutan’s “Mask Dance of Drums” from Drametse is registered in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


Buddhism is followed widely here and monks can be seen around. Apart from the natural beauty & beautiful locales, Bhutan offers great Bhutanese cuisine and a lots of sports activities and is well known for hiking tours too. This Buddhist kingdom offers monasteries, fortresses (dzongs), valleys, steep mountains, sub tropical plains, cliffs & waterfalls.

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When we talk about making plans to travel to Bhutan, then the first thought comes, is to connect with a reliable travel agency. We checked out some good options available and we found that Terton Travels is one of the best amongst them. Owned by Actor Kelly Dorji of Bollywood fame, it offers most luxurious tours to the travellers. In spite of his celebrity status, Kelly Dorji is involved personally in organising tours for each and every client.

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We interviewed Kelly Dorji to get to know him and his company Terton Travels in a better way & would like to share so that yo if you plan to travel and connect through them, then what all they can offer you:

Kelly Dorji: The Actor

Q: What has been your best Bollywood or modelling assignment so far?

A: I appreciate every one of the 30+ films I have ever worked in. Perhaps one that always brings back good memories is Fareb, for Deepak Tijori. I remember being most nervous to perform with Manoj Bajpai but it all worked out superb.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a career as a Travel Agent? Does being a Celebrity / Bollywood actor & model status help in your travel agency work now?

A: I always liked playing host and when I got many enquiries to help people with their visits to Bhutan, it was convenient that I was already aware of all tourism policies and government regulations. Today, though I deal with luxury travel the most, I write to every client myself and meet every guest myself.

Q: What are your favourite 3 travel destinations?

A: I Love traveling to the Andaman’s, South Africa and Rajasthan. All these destinations are superb for my vibe!

Q: What is your favourite food / cuisine? Do you know how to cook? If yes, what do you like to cook?

A: My Favorite food is Bhutanese food. I cook regularly. My specialty is our national dish ‘Aema Datsi’… chili and cheese.

Q: Which is your favourite Fashion brand?

A: I don’t endorse any one brand…… very often I look for white T shirts and blue jean that fit well.

Q: What are your travelling hacks/tips that you always keep in mind?

A: Remember to research where I am going…. And look for every option of activities I can do while there…. But I never compromise where I stay…. It has to be comfortable and clean with good food and service…. even if it isn’t a five star…… generally, you can’t go wrong for USD 120- 150 a night.

Terton Travels:

Q: What is the expertise of your travel agency? What all services does Terton offer to its clients?

A: We deal with every nationality and every segment of travel and yet we do not extend beyond our capacity to provide personalised service. We also handle some educational travel. Our services range from a concierge that meets personal requests to organising lunches and dinners with me and other experts. We also have many value added services that our luxury clientele enjoys.

Q: Do you have relationships with any airlines, hotels, or car-rental companies?

A: In Bhutan, the industry is small but we do have some International agents who market our tours for us.

Q: How is Terton Travels different than other travel agencies?

A: We offer value added services and personalised itineraries at no added cost. I personally oversee every trip and meet every guest. Our company has access to a range of resources that other tour agents cannot put together. In the luxury segment we are number one in itinerary building.

Q: Why do you think Bhutan is a great tourist destination? What all it can offer to travellers / visitors?

A: Bhutan is the last bastion of the perfect balance of environment and society, industry and spirituality. With great leadership, Bhutan has been able to maintain such a fantastic balance in its overall way of life, that every visitor is witness to a fine example of respect for the old and the new. Many of my guests return to their countries and write me, saying how much they miss being in Bhutan and how their own country should adopt our policies…. And when I remind them of how beautiful a place they come from, they promptly reply that the whole land isn’t like that! We have many religious sites of interest, adventure trips in rafts along rivers, motorcycling through the mountains, hiking (our trails are superb for hikers) and culture. For more you may contact us.

Q: What are the best times of the year to travel to Bhutan?

A: Though Autumn is my favourite time, spring is also a popular time to visit Bhutan. In the past five years or so, we have seen a marked increase of guests traveling to Bhutan during the summer months (our monsoons are light) and during the Winter months…. especially December and January.

Bhutan has so much to offer to tourists and it is definitely worth visiting, it can be a called a perfect holiday destination. Terton Travels is the only travel agency which can offer you the best travel packages with a personalised touch from Celebrity actor & owner Kelly Dorji, so start planning your trip and enjoy “The Kingdom of Bhutan” through the eyes of Kelly Dorji!

Happy Travelling!!

Picture courtesy: Celebrity Actor & Owner of Terton Travel – Kelly Dorji

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