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Maverick of New Age Cinema: Celebrity Film Director & Cinematographer Kedar Gaekwad

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Bollywood’s Director-Cinematographer Kedar Gaekwad is currently riding a high wave, his success story is turning heads and he is much talked about after the grand success of his Directorial debut film.

Born to Jayashree & Late Prabhakar Gaekwad, a loving husband & a doting father, Kedar hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being a photography & travel enthusiast, he studied Commercial Arts and got lucky to get a break there after, to work & assist a well established Bollywood cinematographer. From there his journey in Bollywood started. He has assisted prominent cameramen like Mahesh Limaye, Raja Sayed & Sushil Rajpal, for films like Corporate, Traffic Signal, Fashion, Laaga Chunri Main Daag during the period of year 2001-2008.


After year 2008, having excelled in his line of work, Kedar started taking up his own projects. Being a perfectionist, he understood & excelled in his work by cultivating his tastes through his knowledge, his life experiences, understanding of photography, music, art, literature & above all films to create his unique point of views. He truly believes in each-frame-tells-a-story concept.

Apart from assisting in the films, Kedar is actively engaged in doing major & big budget promos, corporate films & commercials for well known company’s and prominent TV channels like Star TV, Star Movies, UTV Bindhas etc. His work has won him a Gold Medal at New York Promax for the Jock Block & Rin commercials. He also had the opportunity to be a prominent part of the cinematography team for shooting Mission Army, Jhansi for National Geographic Channel. (Check out his vimeo profile in details down below).

His work got due recognition and he was able to establish himself very well in the Indian Film Industry as a well-known cinematographer now. He went on to take projects of some super hit Bollywood films like ENEMMY and HATE STORY 2 as Director of Photography.


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At this point of life, Kedar took another major leap in his professional life & carrier and decided to get into Film Direction. Being a Director is a glamourised job and it requires tremendous hard work & dedication through out the making of movie to achieve success. Focusing on critical, social & commercial cinema, Kedar made a Directorial debut with a regional Marathi Film, ONLINE BINLINE, a romcom based on people’s infatuation towards technology in present times. This film became a major box office hit and he was very well applauded for his work & appreciated much for the subtle message he sent through the movie.

Online Binline

We did an interview with this open minded, new age Cinema Director-Cinematographer and would like to share with you the very interesting story & facts of his life coming directly from him:

Q: How did you get started?

A: After finishing my commercial arts I was wondering to built a career in photography, my cousin back then advised me to meet his friend who was a cinematographer. I met Mr. MAHESH LIMAYE, and there and then, I made up my mind to assist him. I am very much thankful to him that he allowed me to work with him even though I was raw and knew nothing about film making.

Q: What do you look for, when looking for a project? When do story ideas usually hit you?

A: When I am taking up any project as a cameraman, I always give importance to the story, it is something which has to excite me as a cameraman. Then the director and the actors who are working in the film.

Q: What is the toughest thing about getting a project done?

A: Toughest thing about any project is to understand the Director and his thoughts, to execute them with your camera. It is said that a cameraman is director’s eye, so my job is to enhance the director’s vision.

Q: What do you feel is missing in entertainment industry today? 

A: The biggest thing which is missing today in Hindi cinema is good stories, I feel we need much better stories than what we have, there is no social content into our cinema.

As citizen of the country its our responsibility to make good films and educate people in some way of course, although not suggesting we should make boring films.

Q: How important is social media for promoting your projects?

A: Social media is very powerful today, and it helps a lot in making your promo or ad go viral. Mass reach is amazing and you can be with your followers one to one and you can even interact with them. So, for me when I make a film, social media is very very important.

Q: What is the best thing that ever happened to you while shooting?

A: There are many moments I cherish, once I was shooting with Mr. Jackie Shroff and while watching his own scene on monitor he said my work and lighting reminds him of late Mr. Ashok Mehta, which was big big moment for me as young cameraman, then my ex boss watched my film called Asa mee ashi tee and he told my parents how good I have performed and made him proud, that was another big moment for. Hard work pays off.

Q: What do you love about directing? Which one has been your best project so far as per you?

A: I have directed few ad films and a Marathi film called “Online Binline”.  I enjoy directing my own projects as I am a cameraman and if I am directing my own films then there’s no communication gap. I have a freedom to express my thoughts the way I want to. “Online Binline” was a box office success.

Q: What do you hope to achieve by making a film?

A: By directing a film I want to spread a message about lot of social issues that we are facing today. Not only in our villages but even people from cities are facing many issues such as internet and technology addiction and I have made a film on the same issue, named ‘Online Binline’. Many people realised after watching film that, in life emotions are more important than E motions. I got lot of compliments for making this film and I want to make many more such films.

Q: What advice can you give to people wanting to get into the business? 

A:  I want to tell all the young people who want to work in this industry, one thing is that have patience and work hard, do not be in a hurry to become an independent technician. Assist, learn then try to make mark.

Q: What are your personal food/cuisine choices? Which is your favourite dish?

A: I like to eat Indian food. Sea food is my favourite. I am fond of Chinese food too. Amongst seafood cuisine, my most favourite is King fish prawn curry rice. I am a big fan of my mother’s and my wife’s cooking.

 Q: Which is your favourite travel destinations? 

A: My favourite holiday destination is Australia.

Kedar Gaekwad is a highly talented Director-Cinematographer who is ready to revolutionise the art of making cinema with his passion, dedication & great vision and is some one who has a flair for success. We look forward to his upcoming films & projects. We wish him all the very best!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Kedar Gaekwad

Mobile No.:  +91 98214 18820


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