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Dessert with Greek Yogurt, Honey and Red Fruits

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Another one of the gorgeous looking desserts which looks mouth watering. One of the dessert recipes which are sweet but still having great ingredients like yoghurt, honey & fruits.

Chef Elena Krasnova shares a great recipe which is done with Vanilla sponge cake along with Greek yoghurt, honey & red fruits or raspberries. Its one of those recipes which you can hardly resist, so follow the instructions well and try to become a great pastry chef yourself, treat your family & friends with this gorgeous dessert. So try this!

Step-by-Step Easy & Quick Recipe –

Prep Time                   Total Time                           Yields

12 hours 45 mins           12 hours 45 mins            9 Serving

Ingredients & Instructions:

Makes 9 squared desserts of 2,5 “ X 2,5”  (6cmX6cm)

Vanilla Sponge Cake with Honey

Almond paste 50%              150g

Vanilla bean                            2

Eggs                                        100g

Flour                                        20g

Cornstarch                             15g

Honey                                      30g

Clarified butter                     55g

  • In a mixing bowl with paddle attachment mix almond paste and scraped vanilla.
  • Slowly add eggs and whisk for 10 min. Fold the rest of ingredients with silicon spatula.
  • Pour into a squared form 8” X8” and bake at 170C for 20 min.
  • After removed and cooled, cut off the top of the cake wish serrated knife.

Cassis crème brulee

Cream             80g

Cassis puree    70g

Egg yolks         30g

Sugar               30g

Gelatin            5g

Water              30g

  • Soak gelatin in the water.
  • Make the crème anglaise with all ingredients except gelatin (cook till 80C)
  • Add the hydrated gelatin.
  • Pour into squared form of 8”X8” on top of the cake and freeze for 3 hours.


Sugar                                                     60g

Water                                                    20g

Egg yolk                                                 35g

Gelatine 200 Blooms                              7g

Honey                                                    30g

Vanilla                                                  1

Greek Yogurt 14%                               200g

Whipped cream                                  200g

Soak gelatine with X6 water.

  • Cook sugar and water till 120C, then incorporate to bitten egg yolks and continue mix till warm.
  • Heat the gelatine in the microwave for 30 sec and add to the egg mixture.
  • Mix scraped vanilla bean and honey with Greek yogurt and then combine with first mixture using spatula. Carefully combine with whipped cream.
  • Pour on top of the frozen crème brulee in the form and freeze

Lemon Chantilly

Whipping cream                     100g

Icing sugar                              20g

Lemon zest                             ½

  • Whip all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and use right away.

Assembly and decoration

  • Remove the cake from the form and cut on 2.5” X2,5” squares.
  • Put some red fruits on top and pipe freshly whipped Chantilly.

Note: An incredibly gorgeous & delicious dessert is served. Enjoy with family or friends. Bon Apatite!

Happy Baking!

Picture & recipe courtesy: Chef Elena Krasnova

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