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Unbridled Passion for Modern Art Desserts: Master Chef Elena Krasnova


Some of the Pastry Chefs are extreme geniuses. It is absolutely amazing & mesmerizing to see the chemistry between the dessert & the pastry chef. Looking at their creations, a person is spell bound with only two thoughts in mind. First,  as to how a person can achieve such heights of creativity and the second thought, how soon can we taste & enjoy it!

Meet Chef Elena Krasnova, a true Pastry Master Chef, absolutely adorable & highly talented, some one possessing patisserie perfection. Owner & Chef at Mon Paris. Born & raised in Russia & moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 23, where she resides now. Truly artistic by nature, Elena got into the art of pastry after watching a TV program. She took up this profession very seriously and is considered as one of the best Pastry Chefs in the world. Very humble by nature, she is one of the board of directors of a non-for-profit organisation Pastry Association of Vancouver presently.

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“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ― By Julia Child

Elena studied at two universities and is originally from financial management field but her true calling was pastry art which really attracted her and she could relate to very well. She was always drawn to Art and used to paint with brushes but one day while watching a pastry art competition on TV, she saw the Pastry Chefs doing wonders with sugar & chocolates and creating fabulous desserts, she instantly developed a liking to it as it seemed as an extraordinary form of art to her. She started taking cake decorating classes and at this point of time in her life, she was absolutely clear that she wants to be one of the best in pastry art and for achieving that she went to France for a year to enroll in a diploma course at Ferrandie Ecole Française de Gastronomie, one of the best institutes in France. She was completely overwhelmed by studying the history of pastry, the techniques used to create the best of desserts and being a part of the dessert community.

Elena 1

After finishing her diploma, she stayed back in France for some time to gain first hand experience with the best of pastry chefs there, then she got back to Vancouver but her learning never stopped, she kept attending classes in North America at some of the best institutes like Valhrona School of Brooklyn, Cacao Barry Academy in Montreal, Jean- Marie Auboine Chocolatiers in Las Vegas  and has had the best of opportunities to be trained with the most well known names like Antonio Bachour, Melissa Coppel, Scott Green and Jean Michel Perruchon owner of Paris based pastry school Bellouet Conseil.

 I consider the pastry as a four-dimensional art – you have a form and it gets complete with the taste. I always imagine the form first and then I think what will it taste like. I think it is important for the dessert to look good but even more important to taste good after. Otherwise you will be left with the taste of disappointment – Elena Krasnova

Elena 3

 Being extremely passionate about her work, she tries to bring real pleasure to her customers who look & taste her products. She only uses the best ingredients as she strongly feels that they are the key to a good final product. Fresh seasonal fruits and good quality chocolate that what makes a difference at the end.

Elena likes to share her knowledge with everyone and is very often holding classes and encourages people by posting her recipes on her Facebook account, to try to make good pastries themselves. Her recipes been published in Baking & Pastry North America magazine and LUCID dessert magazine as well. Elena is also holding Master classes worldwide to share her expertise with others.

Elena 4

Currently Elena is on board of directors of non-for-profit organisation Pastry Association of Vancouver, which is a newly created association with the goal of uniting pastry community of the city and providing professional health advise and support to the pastry cooks. She has many dreams and wants to try to achieve the maximum, we can safely say that Pastry will always be her Life.

We did a short interview with Elena and would like to share with every one, this pastry perfectionist responded with very clear & crisp answers:

Q: When did you decide to be a pastry chef?

A: I decided to be a pastry chef when I first took my cake decoration class. I was instantly attracted to the possibility of creating edible art. This was 6 years ago.

Q: What has been the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

A: The most rewarding every time is when customers complement me on the desert they ate. I always feel happy when people tell me it was the best thing they ever ate.

Q:  What’s has been the toughest thing you have done in your line of work?

A: Dealing with negative people. It is very hard sometimes to accept rejection especially when you take your work at heart. To prove your point of view, your way of doing things sometimes is most challenging.

Q: What advise would you like to give to the new pastry chefs starting out in this field?

A: Don’t be discouraged, believe in yourself and don’t stop learning from other chefs.


Elena is completely at ease with repeating her hectic and intense work days, every day with joy & happiness of doing something great. She is a true master of haute patisserie, creating perfect balance between the flavours, textures & art. We can always expect the most unexpected from such passionate & dedicated Pastry Chefs, who are every day pushing themselves to their limits. I would sum it up as Elena being a perfect balance of extreme talent & absolute humanity.

Cheers Chef Elena Krasnova!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Master Chef Elena Krasnova





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