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The Countdown Begins: Actor & Model – Kapil Humbal


It’s always a dream come true for people to follow a profession of their own choice.  The next things is that then they will always look forward to the big moment in their career path, which can bring due recognition and success to them. Likewise an aspiring actor is always awaiting for a good break & a great debut which will make him a famous public figure.

Kapil Humbal, an multi talented Actor & Model, whose countdown to his Debut in the film industry as a Lead Actor has now begun. Young, smart, handsome, very humble natured, a writer, a singer, a guitarist, professionally trained dancer, a traveler who loves to explore different cultures, a linguist & above all a humanitarian.

Kapil, born & brought up in Mumbai, did his education including doing a professional acting course from this city of dreams, moved on to do theater for some time which polished his acting skills. He is very much at ease doing Short films, Tvc, Print shoots, Theatre, Street plays, Anchoring, Modelling & TV PROMOS. He has been getting multiple offers to perform as lead actor in many daily soaps but he has not accepted them yet as his prime focus has been Bollywood.


Finally, his big day is round the corner now as he is currently working in an international short film being shot I India and he will debut as a lead actor. This film is going to be show cased at International film festivals globally including Cannes film festival. Although a short film but it has been made with a big budget unlike most of other short films. This film is due for release around the month of June or July. In this film he plays a role of a writer, who has seen something but is unable to share with anyone else around and is constantly fighting with his conscience.

Apart from this, a Bollywood debut film is on the cards for this brown eyed actor and he is already engaged in a project of 10 short films as a lead actor which will be shot in India, they will address social aspects related to Indian society. Its planned & slated for October’2016 release.

By October’2016, Kapil will surely be an established actor and a very well-known face. We did a short interview with him, so check this out as it’s an insight into this actors mind & heart:

Q: How did you get started?

A: After grooming my acting skills at Anupam Kher’s – actor prepares academy at Santa Cruz, Mumbai for 3 months, I took to backstage theatre where I observed the finer aspects of the theatre life as an actor, by being with the most sought after stalwarts of the theatre world for an extensive period of 6 months.

Q: What do you look for, when looking for a project?

A: The entire script and the impact of the character I play. Being a writer myself, I should connect to the character and so should my audience. The character should have a depth in it and it should be worth all my efforts and the precious love, affection and the time of my audiences and followers. I should have something to cherish as an actor and audience both.

Q: What is the toughest thing about getting a project done?

A: Perfection at every level affects the entire project.  It’s a unit which delivers a project as a success or a failure. Saying of the general opinion, it’s never an individual who fails or passes. I think keeping that is the toughest part.


Q: How important is the social media for promoting your projects?

A: Very much, it’s like oxygen for survival. The entire globe gets connected through it so easily.

Q: What is the best thing that ever happened to you while shooting?

A: Everything. It is a state of ecstasy. The sets are actually the place where my soul belongs to, as an actor.

Q: What do you hope to achieve by acting in a film?

A: Everything that it can offer but above all complete satisfaction to me as a actor. An opportunity to raise my bar each time, from the current place.

Q: What advice can you give to people wanting to get into the business?

A: Keep a strong intention and you will achieve what you desire. Keep it simple.

IMG_5002 1

Lifestyle Choices:

Q: What are your personal food/cuisines choices? Which is your favorite dish? Do you cook? If yes, what is your favourite dish to cook?

A: I am a big foodie. I love Italian, Indian and Thai though I am open to anything that’s veg. Yes, I do cook and I love to make veg biryani and pasta. Though I am not into sweets but the “ DUDHI KA HALWA’’ made by my mom is my all time favourite.

Q: Which is your favourite fashion brand?

A: Armani, Gucci, CK, GAS, DIESEL.

Q: Which is your favourite travel destination?

A: In India its Leh ladakh, Kashmir, Goa, Shimla. In winters, even Rajasthan is great to be in.

Outside India, I love New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Amsterdam & islands like Seychelles, Bali & Fiji. How ever, to be honest, there beauty in every place you visit as a traveler.

There is absolutely no doubt that by this year end, this young upcoming star’s face will be all over & he will be a well sought after actor and will enjoy a huge fan following. We wish him all the best and we are looking forward to his films now.

Post by: Parul Khanna

Picture courtesy: Actor & Model Kapil Humbal


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