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I Eat Healthy, do you? – Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini

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Food binds & connects people globally; every cuisine worldwide has its own charm based on the surroundings & cultures. Food is constantly evolving and the chefs creating the food are highly appreciated and respected now days, especially if they are creating food which is delicious but healthy too.

Meet Anna Chiarini, incredibly stylish, absolutely adorable and highly talented & acclaimed Celebrity Chef, who is an Exclusive Culinary Strategy Consultant at the Chiarini Culinary consultants and the CEO/Owner of “I Eat Healthy”. She is a Restaurateur who is an expert on healthy food & nutrition and is a Global Consultant. She specialises in multi continental cuisine, an expert in culinary & scientific research for new gastronomic trends in the food industry. She is involved in developing & designing new culinary concepts & a master of non-chemical & organic cuisine.

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Apart from this she is co-creator & co-owner of Chiarini Culinary Consultants along with her husband Celebrity Chef Gianfranco Chiarini. Both of them have earned the prestigious title of being most diverse Chefs globally. Their prime focus is on restaurants, food R&D and promoting healthy eating worldwide. She is a highly successful writer of a book too.

Chef Anna is a woman of many talents, with her roots from Poland & Italy, highly educated with two Master degrees from University of Hamburg, she is actively involved in hotel & restaurants openings, R&D for retail, she owns and enjoys the biggest network of chefs worldwide on her private network across six continents. She enjoys a massive fan-following too!


In her company, she is directly involved in the management, menu designing, prototype and product development, as well as the opening, of luxury hotels, culinary centers and many restaurants in the U.S.A, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Bolivia, Greece and Poland.

Chef. Anna (69)

This prodigious chef is a pioneer of healthy eating and her best creation is her Brand “I Eat Healthy” which is wholly dedicated to people with smart & hearty food choices, for people who are on a diet, or with some food allergies or health restrictions or people who simply want to eat healthy and lead a gleeful lifestyle. She and her company promote wholesome eating by developing refreshing and salubrious food products with revolutionary ingredients to Clean Label Solution.


We did a short interview with this gorgeous chef, her lifestyle & her strong passion for healthy cooking is obvious in her replies:

Q: When did you decide to be a Chef?

A: Since my early age I have been surrounded by good food and the passion for cooking. My grandmother and my mother have always like to cook and to experiment in the kitchen. But working side by side with my husband, Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, inspired me truly to become a chef. Being trained as a chef enabled me to see the food in a different way, to understand the physical processes and chemical reactions, the timings, the logic and the discipline in the kitchen.

Having a good understanding of flavours and the talent to prepare delicious dishes is only one part that constructs a chef. The second part, equally important, is the dedication and experience that allows you to master this profession.

Being a chef and learning from the best inspired me to create “I Eat Healthy” a brand and a project that helps people all over the world to eat and live healthier. My aim is to show people how enjoyable and easy to follow is a healthy lifestyle, no matter of your origin, profession or economical status. I want to share my knowledge and experience, and to give the people the tools to introduce healthy nutrition to their lives.


Q: What has been the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

A: Working as a chef is such a rewarding job, it brings you self fulfilment and satisfaction, but most importantly it allows you to help others. The most rewarding moments for me are when I can help people to improve their life, to fight diseases, to eat healthier, to control their nutrition and to improve their self confidence.

It’s such an honour to receive positive feedback from people who attended our courses or cooking classes and those who follow us online. And to know that we bettered their lives is the best reward. I will be publishing soon a book with “I Eat Healthy” recipes and I hope to reach and improve lives of many people with my knowledge and passion.

Q: What has been the toughest thing you have done in your line of work?

A: The toughest challenges come not always form the outside, but from the inside. There are many difficulties that you face every day in this or any other profession. Also being a female chef in the culinary comes with certain challenges, you have to earn the respect of your colleagues, be well- trained and self-confident. True chefs are very sensitive to pretentiousness and to showing off without a solid background. You need to show them what you’re made of and perform to the best of your capabilities.

But I think all this can be achieved by fighting with your internal challenges and weaknesses. Constantly improving and educating yourself, not giving up, working on your priorities and believing in yourself are keys to success in any profession.


Q: What advise would you like to give to the new pastry chefs starting out in this field?

A: Pastry chefs have a very beautiful, yet a very responsible mission in the culinary world. They bring pleasure and joy with their creative and delicious creations. But it’s not a secret that sugar and other ingredients used in pastry are one of the biggest causes of obesity and food related diseases around the world.

I would like to encourage the pastry chefs to reach for healthier sugar substitutes and to reduce the use of chemical food additives. Challenging yourself this way opens your horizons and allows you to find an amazing array of healthy and delicious ingredients. And at the same time the guest and the consumers will enjoy their sweet wonders with a guilt-free consciousness.

Q: What are your personal food choices and which is your most favourite dish to cook & eat?

A: There are so many delicious cuisines, preparations and ingredients around the world… it’s really hard to decide…

For me the most important thing is to prepare the dishes from the scratch using only natural ingredients. I definitely avoid processed and packaged food.

I love all the fruits, vegetables, grains and fish as well. Cutting dairy products and meat from my diet has been an incredible change in my life. They are without doubt delicious, but I decided to “sacrifice” my palate indulgence for a healthier body, better shape, better skin and improved well- being.

Traveling together with my husband all over the world enables me to try and fall in love with many wonderful cuisines: Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Cantonese, Colombian, Mexican…. There is always a special place in my heart for the Italian cuisine and nothing makes me happier than a bowl of beautiful and fresh pasta with delicious a la minute pesto made by my husband…

Q: As you are a very Stylish & Elegant Chef, so we would surely like to know about your favourite fashion brands?

A: First of all, thank you very much for your lovely words. If I were endorsing and promoting some fashion brands I would definitely make some publicity for them in this interview, but it’s not the case :)) I love to dress comfortably and for every day I choose casual and sportive style. I like to dress simple, but with some unusual accents. My hobby is to collect jewellery from all around the world, especially hand made and artisanal unique pieces.

I think your fashion choices reflect your personality and approach to life, and should enhance your beauty. But unfortunately many people take care more of their clothing than their own bodies. And it should be the opposite, the clothing should serve as a beautiful packaging for a healthy and happy body. Style and elegance is not only what your wearing, is your health, your personality and your way of life.



Q: Which places are your favourite travelling destinations?

A: We have visited so many lovely and inspiring places, and there is yet so many things to see and countries to experience. Travelling is our passion and for example our recent travel to Iran was absolutely amazing and fascinating. But there are two countries that I truly enjoy the most and I love every moment we spend there: Greece and Colombia. I think having a personal favourite travel destination is strictly related with your personal experiences and relationship with the culture. Greece and Colombia, although totally different, meet up in the characteristics that I value the most: the quality and character of their people, their natural and historical heritage and of course the delicious food. These cultures have a special flavour that I relate to and enjoy a lot.

Chef Anna is a very humble person, who is making a huge effort by developing & creating salutary & nutritious food choices for people with her hands-on approach. She truly understands that innovation is the way to move forward. She is a great example to the young chefs as she has made a place for herself with her sheer dedication, sincere hard work & strong passion.

Cheers Chef Anna Chiarini!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Celebrity Chef Anna Chiarini

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