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Ace Director & Ad film Maker: Samir Tewari

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We come across advertisements and commercials every day, some which are an instant hit with us & often become our favourites too and some of them, we resent a lot. Ad-film making is an art where the director has to beautifully & accurately blend the story telling with the required brand message. There are many directors around but very few can actually nail it.

Samir Tewari, Director-producer & Advertising Film Maker from Bollywood. Founder of Working i Films. Samir is an incredible human lens who has been, churning out the best of adverts & commercials and possesses an exceptional quality of turning simple looking scripts into memorable and magical films.


Samir did his schooling from Asansol and then graduated from Ferguson College, Pune. He started his career as a copywriter at Lintas Chennai in 1988 and after moving to FCB Ulka, Mumbai in 1991 and had a successful stint as a copy writer in his new agency where he met his wife Muktal. He went on to begin his professional journey in 1993, writing dialogues for India’s first daily soap Shanti, that was a mega success. After the 200th episode, when creator Adi Pocha left the project, he began to do the story, screenplay and co directed it as well. Samir moved on to direct ad-films after the show ended and there was no looking back for him since then, as he has been giving us outstanding ad’s & commercials, one after the other.

At this point of his career, this perfectionist director-producer formed his own company, “Working i Films” along with his wife & partner Muktal Tewari, to pursue his passion of making films. Together they make a perfect duo, who complement & support each other, with Samir’s strong story telling abilities as a director and Muktal’s production designing abilities. They have worked with highly well-known brands like P&G, Unilever, Hyundai, Cadbury, Nestle, Marico, Dabur, LG, Samsung & Kraft etc., both Indian and international.

This eminent film maker has given us a lot of viral hit ad-films & commercials, some of them are a must watch and his personal favourite too:

Hyundai Xcent ‘Xtra love’. Extremely popular film. The model Waluscha went on to play SRK’s wife in the recently released movie ‘Fan.’

Oreo ‘Princess’ for Pakistan: was voted the most liked and shared ad of the year by the online community.

Hyundai i20 ‘Spooked’. Again a huge viral hit around the world and was awarded for best car ad in the viral category. Widely shared around the world. Labeled for mature viewing, it came with a warning that ‘The following film is not for the faint hearted!!!’

Oreo ‘Grandfather’. Did this for the GCC/Middle east. Made it to Adforum. an international compilation of the best ads of the week.

Kurlon ‘Sleep like you stand’. Made it to Shots an international compilation of the best ads of the Quarter.

UTI Axis. Voted best ad of the week by brand equity.

Hyundai i10 ‘Irene’. a hugely popular commercial starring SRK.

Samir has now been shooting adverts & commercials for a long time and admires the work of some great film makers in this industry like Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi, Anil Kapoor, Josy Paul, Manmohan Anchan, Priti Nair, Rajev Rao, Ashish Chakravarthy, Saurabh Dasgupta and lastly Adi Pocha, who he credits for having helped him become a director with Shanti.  Samir, himself is regarded as one of the top rated directors today and he feels quite satisfied with his work and is highly attached to all his projects. With his outstanding projects, he helps people understand brands better, usually turning into major brand following with the masses.

The quality of work that Samir showcases can be seen clearly with some of his huge viral hits, another latest one is this Nestle Everyday ‘Sania Shoiab’ for Pakistan. A huge recent viral hit. It went so big that prominent Indian magazines and newspapers wrote about it.

He has directed a feature film too, “Mr. Joe B Carvalho”, starring actor Arshad Warsi but it did not do so well. This has only made Samir much more determined and he is looking forward to directing a serious drama now.

Samir is one of the geniuses in ad-filming and directing them is his true calling & passion. He feels his toughest projects in terms of scale & magnitude have been the ones involving cars but feels that the projects with kids are usually highly challenging too. The one person he admires & would love to work with any time, is SRK!

True believer of the fact that audience is evolving fast & looking for new trends, his constant effort is to deliver the best ad’s & commercials, for us to enjoy. He feels that the youngsters are much more smart & tech savvy, so his advice to the new comers in this filed is, that they should have patience and avoid burning fast & not to give up easily and quickly.

Being a food & lifestyle blog, we checked his personal food & lifestyle choices, check them out:

Favourite food:  he loves Indian cuisine and is very fond of home food, loves mutton, dal-rice, bhindi sabzi, rajma & aloo preparations.

Favourite fashion brand: well! he is a simpleton where fashion is concerned and generally follows few brands that he is comfortable with like Levis, Nike, Timberland and Marks & Spencers.

Favourite travel destination: he is extremely fond of Sri Lanka and loves to visit it often.

Samir has brought in the global feel to the ad-films. He is absolutely brilliant in his work and we can except the best always from him. A true icon who will forever exemplify masterful filmmaking.


Post by Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Samir Tewari

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Samir, as my CD in FCB Ulka and in his ad film. He is a wonderful human being and he has the enviable knack of making all that hard work seem so effortless! Wish him more success!


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