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Life with Sprinkles on Top: Chef Gauthami Shankar

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Gauthami Shankar is the Boutique Bakery Girl of Bangalore. This young, talented girl is a baking passionate and is engaged in many roles simultaneously.

At the young age of 22 years, she has finished her Bachelors in hospitality management from renowned Christ University, Bangalore with specialisation in Baking science and Pastry Arts. Apart from that she has done several food and beverage related certificate courses from Stanford University, USA and an internship at ITC Royal Gardenia, Bangalore.


Coming from a family who own baker needs and totally love good food & desserts, this highly passionate & multi-talented baker has achieved a lot already, she is the co-owner at “Baker’s Needs” which is a one shop stop for all bakery needs, also co- owner & chef at “The Spitfire BBQ truck” and Founder & Chef at “SPRINKLED” “The Boutique Bakery”. Apart from this she is an Associate Reviewer at Chef at Large & a Blogger too.

“Sprinkled” is her brain child, a boutique bakery which first of its kind in Bangalore. It offers tailor made cakes, desserts in jar, celebratory towers, cupcakes & healthy bakes apart from miniature cakes & desserts.

This vivid baker loves creating art, painting, writing, cooking, food photography.

We interviewed this young baking enthusiast, check out her details and you will get to know her better.

Q: When did you decide to be a chef? Who is your role model?

A: Hmmm, I decided to be a chef, I clearly loved cooking and seeing people smile after every meal when I finished 12th and had to choose a stream I got hell bent on taking up culinary and the passion continued. Everyone’s appreciation and motivation added positively in me becoming a chef though it was considered as a man’s world. I was barely 17 when I made up my mind. My role model has to be my Grandmother, My lovely mother, Julia Child and many more.

Q: What has been the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

A: The most rewarding so far should be the time when I was awarded the Best Outgoing Student when I was with Baker’s Needs and The Spitfire BBQ truck.

Q: What’s has been the toughest thing you have done in your line of work?

A: Toughest thing would be when me and my really small team pulled of a 200+ macaron tower at a height of 3feet. it consisted of 5 different flavors of macarons,

Q: What advice would you like to give to the other new chefs starting out in this field?

A: Passion is the key to creation, if you want to be a chef you need to be patient, creative and out of the box, to be a chef takes a lot of give and take, be okay to sacrifice some sleep, holidays and celebrations. All the girls out there who would want to become chefs, I believe you know your game the best and follow your heart not the mind.


Q: What are your personal food choices and which is your most favourite dish to cook & eat?

A: My personal food choices would definitely be Classic French, Asian and I love my South Indian Flavors. My most favorite dish to cook and eat would be a Roasted chicken with Orange jus (poulet a` la oranges) and of course my sweet tooth loves Crème Brulee`. I fancy the fire, the blow torch and sugar being the divine best.

Q: As you are a very stylish & elegant Chef, so we would surely like to know about your favourite fashion brands?

A: Firstly, Thank you! Fashion to me is three things comfort, chic and elegant best. my favourite brands would be Zara, Forever new and Vero Moda. I love shoes Adidas originals, ALDO and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Q: Which places are your favourite travelling destinations?

A: Am a total beach bum and my love for Paris is infinite, In India, I love Goa, Pondicherry and Jaipur. When it comes to travelling abroad France, Bali, Dubai and Singapore are my favourite picks they all got beaches, shopping and lovely food.

It is amazing to see the passion & dedication of this pretty, lively, energetic, fashionista Baker, who is all out to test her limits and sky is the limit for her. With her love of baking, she is surely going to present a whole lot of dessert varieties for us all to enjoy & make all Bangaloreans proud of her!

Cheers Chef Gauthami Shankar!


Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Chef Gauthami Shankar

Facebook: gauthami.shankar


Twitter: @gauthamishankar

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