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National Geographic’s Fearless Chef: Kiran Jethwa

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All chefs are usually passionate about their work but some of them just stand out, they take their culinary skills & styles to great heights which are not achievable by others & leave the world in awe of them. They are the chefs, everyone must know.

Chef Kiran Jethwa, Celebrity Chef who loves food & adventure, an accomplished & highly successful businessman, TV host & producer of highly famous Fox International Channel’s “The Fearless Chef”, a professional Rugby player, an Executive Chef & owner of internationally acclaimed & globally well-known award winning, Nairobi’s premier restaurant company Seven Restaurant Ltd., which comprises of Seafood & Grill and Seven Lounge & Grill and he is a winner of many culinary & television accolades & awards.

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Chef Kiran is a third generation Kenyan of Indian descent, having an Indian (Gujrati) Father & a British mother. He did his Bachelors in Hospitality Management from Manchester, UK and then traveled across the globe to improve his professional experience & knowledge. Chef Kiran has been passionate about food & adventure right from his childhood. The first time he cooked was at the age of 5, when he made “breakfast in bed” for his parents and made a big mess in the kitchen. His cooking style is African-Mediterranean-Asian.

Chef Kiran is a big promoter of African cuisine and after gaining culinary expertise, he opened his own chain of restaurants, which are now globally recognized restaurants catering to high profile clientele. Apart from the award winning restaurants, this passionate chef cum businessman is the co-owner of some other Kenyan based companies, Crossfit Kwetu Ltd., The Good Food Co. Ltd. & Quite Bright Films.

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Chefs Kiran’s passion of cooking & adventure grew with him over the years. Being a strong promoter of best ingredients and their source, he started & featured on the TV series “Tales from Bush Larder” on Fox channel which became a big hit and prompted our great chef to feature on “The Fearless Chef” series on Fox International Channels which is again a viral hit & well sought after series. In this series, this cosmopolitan chef who knows no fear, ventures out for extreme & daring challenges to find fascinating ingredients and to get a taste of wild. He tries to live the life of the people who dare to face extraordinary situations & go to radical lengths for food. He risks his life to explore the exotic & rarest of ingredients available in the world. He wants to show & make everyone understand the danger the fishermen & farmers go through for arranging the food we eat.

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To get a glimpse into his adventures trips, take a look at the link:

We interviewed Chef Kiran Jethwa, check this hardcore adventurer  chef’s replies:

Q: Was there anything that you thought you wanted to do before you started cooking? Why did you become a chef?

A: A lot of my life had been devoted to Rugby & I became a professional Rugby player, I got quite far but a bad injury hampered it but at the same time I was cooking in the kitchen and my top agenda has been being a chef my entire life.

Q: What is your food philosophy & what prompted you to mix food & adventure together? Where does your inspiration come from?

A: Good ingredients, food & adventure came naturally to me, which is why I am an adventurer & I am a chef and my inspiration came from food & adventure.

Q: What is it that you really enjoy about a chef’s life? Which has been your best food adventure till date & why?

A: I like the creative side of being a chef, ability to entertain & please people, to see the reaction on their face when they enjoy the dish, something you have worked so hard to craft, its very satisfying.

I had many many adventures but my favorite is in Mozambique, when I went spear fishing for Tuna, there was an amazing array of fish, beautiful part of the world, very challenging & amazing ingredients. I loved it.

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Q: What are your top three favorite ingredients to cook with?

A: Good Salt, good olive oil & good chilies.

Q: What is your greatest achievement till date?

A: My greatest achievement today is my daughter, just had a little baby. In terms of my culinary achievement That would be “The Fearless Chef” airing on Channel 4, in the UK.

 Q: Is there a particular chef from whom you draw inspiration?

A: No, I wouldn’t say so, I draw inspiration from those who are creative with food, anyone who works with food, so there is no one particular person I follow at all.

Q: What does good food mean to you? How hard it is, as a chef to maintain healthy diet?

A: Good food depends on the context where you are, fits the occasion, is prepared well, tastes good, doesn’t have to be gourmet. Good home cooking by my mom is as good as a 5 star restaurant. Good food is just creativity with passion & love.

  Q: What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to do in your job?

A: As a chef opening my restaurant and subsequently couple more, its very challenging, mentally demanding, long hours and a lot of stress & pressure as your name is on the door & on the plate. First restaurant was very difficult but very satisfying.

Q: Are there of your adventure trips planned for India in near future?

A: Nothing planned but I would definitely love to come & explore more as India is a fascinating country, incredible food, regional varieties amazing, colorful place and I hope to get there very soon.

Q:  What advice would you give to a young, ambitious chef who is just starting out in the industry?

A: Write everything down where ever you go, to any kitchen as it helps later.

Chef Kiran Jethwa -Fearless Chef Mongolia

Lifestyle Questions:

Q: Which are your personal favourite food/cuisine choices?

A: Italian, Indian, Mexican & Thai.

Q: What is your mantra to stay fit?

A: Work hard Play hard, simple and I try to do exercise every day, its part of my regime, my lifestyle.

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands?

A: I have no interest or desire in fashion, so could not tell.

Q: Which are your favourite travel destinations?

A: I don’t have a favourite place, I can go anywhere and try to explore as much I can. If I had to be sent to one place though, then it would have to be somewhere with an ocean & a beach.

This incredibly handsome & charismatic Chef, who is ready to take the extreme challenges, he is some one who is incredibly passionate about food & adventure, is a true icon for the young generation chefs who are willing to make a mark in the culinary world. He will always be a well-sought after heartthrob chef and enjoy a huge fan following.

Cheers Chef Kiran Jethwa!

Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Chef Kiran Jethwa

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