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Hollywood Actor & Model: Christina DeRosa

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Christina DeRosa, is an American actor, model, singer, producer & above all a humanitarian too. She is currently a member of ‘The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’. She is a recipient of the “Artists in Cinema” award at Universal through the Artists in Music Awards and 2014 ‘Rising Star Award” through the 8th Annual F.A.M.E. awards.

She belongs to a second generation Italian family from Long Island, New York. She started her career in musical theatre when she was 8 years old, singing & dancing as a Munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” alongside Natalie Hershlag AKA Natalie Portman. This was the start of her acting career. Even as a child she always wanted to play & act as different characters. Acting has always been her biggest passion & love. The thing that interested me most in her was her strong liking for India, its food & culture and her trip to Golden Temple.

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To pursue her acting career, this vivacious actor graduated from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television, and attending such prestigious programs as The Larry Moss Studio, The Groundlings, and The Lesly Kahn Institute. Christina has come a long way and had been part of some of the well-known US series like ‘Entourage’, ‘The Whole Truth’, ‘Devious Maids’, ‘Taxi Brooklyn’, ‘Hollywood Heights’, ‘Sam & Cat’, ‘Hart of Dixie’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, ‘General Hospital’, ‘Dollhouse’ & ‘Astronaut Wife’s Club’ to name a few.

She is currently working as an Executive Producer on a movie shooting in Canada and she is the Managing Partner at Kingvigor Inc., Beverly Hills, as Executive VP of Film and Television Productions. She is also working in a feature film ‘Bad Moms’ starring beautiful & highly talented Mila Kunis, to be released July’2016. Christina also attended the Cannes Film Festival’ 2015.


She feels totally proud of every opportunity & role she has played along with the people she has worked with in Hollywood. Being a true humanitarian by nature, she is a sponsor for needy children and is a part of the “The Mulligan Project”.

We interviewed her, check out her candid answers for getting an insight into her persona:

Q: How did your career in acting start?

A: My Dad was a huge influence on me. Even though, he does not talk much about it, when he was young, he rivalled all the best crooners; however, he decided that a family was a better choice so my sister and I were born with his musical talents and passion which out mother reinforced throughout our childhood.  During our family outings, we did not have iPads, everybody in the car was singing to Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and all the Broadway tunes that you can think of.  Then, my first musical performance was in NY on stage with Natalie Portman as munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. I still have a long way to go but now Academy Award winner Natalie (Hershlag) Portman has paved the way for me.

Q: Who is your role model in the industry? 

A: Although I grew up watching television shows such as “Who’s the Boss” with Alyssa Milano (with whom I am often identified as) and movies like Ghost where I fell in love with Demi Moore, I ultimately identified more with Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy and films akin to Breakfast at Tiffany’s where I dreamed of being just like Audrey Hepburn.

Q: Which one has been your most satisfying project so far?

A: Currently, I am shooing my first dramatic movie for Television movie role Straight to offer from the producer.  This project has multiple aspects that make it my next major career stepping stone.  I will finally play a role that is an empowered woman and that’s just right for the social time we live in.

Q: What challenges you have faced in your career? What has been the toughest thing to do in your line of work so far?

A: My biggest challenge and at the same time my most rewarding, was shooting my first on location feature film in India.  The movie turned out to be okay but what made it all up was me visiting the fairy tale land of India.  I fell in love with the continent.  From the wonderful people I met in my journey, the atma and the vegetarian food, to the picturesque and spiritually inspiring locations I visited.

Q: Which ones are your forth coming projects?

A: I just worked on the comedy feature film, BAD MOMS starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate.  The movie will premiere this summer 2016 and is guaranteed to make you laugh.  You can catch me playing a bad mom in that movie.  I am currently on set of a movie playing Detective Diane Kelso in Los Angeles, and I am loving every moment of the movie magic working with Rumer Willis. Also, I am working as a producer on a few Television movies and I am about to go in studio to record a song.

Q: You are posting & sharing quotes or mantras on social media very often, requesting everyone to follow & repeat, what made you start doing this?

A: I love to add value to others and I know what has worked for me is to affirm an intention every day and take inspiring action steps to accomplish that.  Mantras, affirmative prayer, chanting and meditation are a way of life for me.  I live with an attitude of gratitude and passing it on just feels natural.  Please continue to read my Living mantras every 9:00 AM PST on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  I have many people tell me how they look forward to them and start their day awaiting them and that makes my heart sing.

Q: What advice will you give to new comers in the industry?

A: I can go on and on and one with advice.  I wrote a blog post called, “The 5 Keys to Booking Work as an Actor in LA. I cover in the post the importance of Practice, Practice, Practice, Have an Attitude of Gratitude and Detachment and you will have to read the post to see the last two.

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Lifestyle Questions:

Q: Which are your most favourite cuisine & dish? Do you cook? If yes, what do you like to cook most?

A: I’m Italian and grew up in a house where food and family time sitting around a dining room table was important.  We would call it circle time and all go around the table and share what we did that day and what we are grateful for, of course, it was my idea.  Even as a child I loved gratitude and the importance of what sitting together breaking bread means.  I can never go wrong with mussels with white wine and a touch of garlic and parsley and quality oil olive.  Cooking in my family is a form of love and when you cook with love, you can taste the most important ingredient which is LOVE.

Q: What is your fitness mantra? Can you describe your fitness diet?

A: It’s true you are what you eat.  I believe it’s about 70% what you put in your body and 30% what you do physically.  So I do carefully decide what I put in my body temple.  I love veggies and have been vegetarian for over 12 years of my life, eating mostly vegetables and beans.  I felt very at home in India when I was there with all the Dal and Paratha (Parantha).  I recently started incorporating fish into my diet because I believe my body spoke to me and I was craving fish more and more so I tried it.  To each, his or her own, so I am not here to tell someone else what to eat but to listen to your body is my best advice.  I love chocolate but I try to stay away from sugars and prefer raw cocoa made with coconut oils and coconut meat and if I need a sugar substitute I head towards agave or stevia or dates as oppose to a processed sugar.

For my exercise, I’m a yogi.  It’s a mind, body, soul union and I know it makes me a stronger person both inside and out, on and off the mat.  I also love a good hike outdoors with my baseball cap and sunglasses and a few awesome friends.  It gets me sweating, in the sunshine moving and I can have a great conversation with friends, all at the same time, it’s a win-win!

Q: We would like to have best tips from you to stay fit, for our readers. Please advise?

A: My advice is to drink lots of water, think positive thoughts about yourself and others and love and honour your body temple and get moving.  Find an activity that you love to do, dancing, swimming, yoga, tennis, hiking, jump rope, anything that brings you joy and gets you physical.  Also, write down your fitness goals and make it specific.  So as oppose to saying, “I will exercise and lose weight.”  Try writing down, “I will lose 8 pounds by August 12th and I will engage in some form of physical activity 3 times a week.  Also, if you tell yourself, you are fat, YOU heard that.  If you tell yourself you are healthy and fit and look great in your jeans, then guess what?  YOU heard that and you get what you expect.  Feed yourself healthy thoughts.

Q: Which is your favourite fashion brand?

A: Truly, I do not have a favourite fashion.  I like unique clothing and the uniqueness will only come with a one off dress or blouse and pants.  Believe it or not, when I attended the Modern Family event, actress, Julie Bowen fell in love with the little dress I was wearing. She literally grabbed the back of my dress and wanted to read the label, thinking it was a major brand.  Little did she know that I was able to find that dress in some obscure little shop in downtown Los Angeles.  However, when it comes down to amazing cocktail dresses and stunning gowns, I have to say that SCALA originally owned by Betta Grover and manufactured in India, are without a doubt my favourite. Betta was an amazing individual with great style who allowed me to look stunning at my 2015 trip to the Cannes Film Festival.

Q: Which is your favourite travel destination?

A: I like to go off the beaten track as I fore mentioned India was just that kind of a trip.  So, yes, if I need to quickly recharge my battery, I will go for a few days to an all-inclusive resort but when I want to expand my experience of life, I will choose a journey to a destination that is exotic.  On my short list I have, Cuba, (before we fully Americanize it) and Vietnam.

Christina is definitely a highly versatile, vivacious & stunningly gorgeous actor from Hollywood & will surely keep charming us with her superbly endearing performances in future too!

Post by: Parul Khanna / Appy Bistro

Picture courtesy: Actor Christina DeRosa

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